The "To Do"s Before the "I Do"s: {Part II}

I was thrilled that y’all enjoyed the wedding “to do” post last week. Let’s talk about colors, flowers and bridesmaid dresses!


The colors you choose for your wedding should be feminine yet with a masculine edge. It should be chosen by both the bride and the groom and should be carried throughout the entire wedding, from the ceremony to the reception venue.

I wanted a soft, muted color palette for our wedding. I knew I didn’t want anything garish or colors that would keep the natural beauty of our venues from coming through.

I’ve always thought that cream and slate gray look beautiful together, so that was a done deal. I threw in blush/nude pink tones as a complimentary hue and to add a feminine touch.

We tied the gray into the rose-spread table cloth for the cake room. And yes...we had a cake room : )

My only advice for choosing a color palette is to ask yourself: “Is my color palette seasonal or non-specific to a certain time of year?” For instance, a lot of people that get married in fall use burnt oranges and reds. I didn’t want our wedding to look so quintessentially fall (although I do think that can look really pretty), so we went with a non-specific palette. Make sense?

Either way is totally fine, just decide if you want it to echo the time of year of your wedding…or not.



I loved hydrangeas and our florist, Lisa Bobell, knew exactly which variety would look best in a cream/ivory shade.

I really didn’t know what I wanted for my bouquet, but I’ve always loved flowers with a plush feel and round shape. She steered me toward English Garden roses, which look like a hybrid between a standard rose and a peony.

The bridesmaids carried hydrangeas in ivory.

She threw in a few peonies, as well, just to mix up the textures. The end result was stunning.

When choosing flowers, consider:
What is “in season” when our wedding rolls around?
Will these flowers put off a scent? If so, am I okay with that?
Are these flowers hearty or temperamental?

We focused primarily on the English Garden roses, brought the ivory hydrangeas in with the table arrangements and the bridesmaid and mothers' bouquets and tied in a few peonies for an unexpected texture. 

Lisa also suggested Lily of the Valley as our filler element. A filler element is what florists use to break up the look of an arrangement. Lilly of the Valley is commonly used in royal weddings, as well as Southern weddings, so I knew I wanted it in ours.



I wanted the dresses for the girls to be pale pink, since it’s pretty universally flattering. I knew I wanted a tea-length dress and an A-line cut, since it’s one of the most complimentary to a woman’s shape.

I thought the end result was beautiful.

One idea that I love is to do all different styles of dresses, but keep them in the same color. I think that can look so pretty!

Questions to consider:
Will each girl feel comfortable in this?
What size are my bridesmaids? What body shape do my bridesmaids have?
What color will flatter all of the girls?


As far as shoes, I went online to Piperlime and found a shoe in a nude color with a heel that would go nicely with the girls' dress style. 

Next week, we’ll go over bridal hair and make-up, food and music!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Great post! There's always so much to consider when planning! Love the colors you used :)

  2. very beautiful :) Definitely some good tips ! too bad i won't need them for a while :P

    Alexandra Marie

  3. Love the colors you used and of course, the shoes! xoxo.

  4. LOVE hydrangeas but mine always go bad so fast when I buy them for home. Anyone have any suggestions?

  5. How fun! I'm having a late august wedding and wanted to celebrate bright summer colors. We're having deep pinks, corals, orange, and yellows with lots of lush green to mellow it out. We're getting married in the meadows outside his parents home in Massachusetts, so I wanted something punchy and bright.

    For your post on makeup, do you think you need a pro? My bestie/bridesmaid and I were planning on going to Sephora to get a tutorial and just do it ourselves.

    My babysitter from growing up is a hairdresser now. She used to play with my air ALL the time when I was little. So, I thought it would be sweet to ask her to style it on the day of. Since it will be hot and potentially humid, I was thinking of a low bun. My hair is super fine though and I don't want to have a wimpy little thing. She is thinking of adding in extensions. I've never done this before. Good idea or bad idea?

    I'm so glad you're telling us about wedding planning. You did it so quickly and it all looked so lovely. Thanks!

  6. Wow! I can't believe how much our weddings are going to have in common! I went with somewhat the same color pallette. I'm getting married in August.
    We are usuing silver/navy/ivory/hotpink.
    It's beautiful all together!

    My dress is ivory and so I knew I wanted my flowers to match.
    I went with cream colored roses.
    I am doing mismatched bm dresses in a navy but they are mismatched in style! They are all tea length and gorgeous!

    As for their flowers I went with the hot pink hydrangeas and it looks fabulous and really pops next to the deep navy tone.

    And since I'm marrying a cowboy we are putting a western/vintage twist on things! It's coming together nicely :)

    Oh and my Mister spoiled me and bought me Hot Pink High Heels to wear under my dress for the ceremony and I'm changing into my cowgirl boots for the reception!

  7. Love the note about choosing what is in season for flowers!


  8. What a great post! I am so excited about starting my own wedding planning, and this will be so helpful. Your wedding was just beautiful!

  9. Can I just pay you to come be my wedding stylist/planner if and when Andrew ever proposes??? I would just die from happiness. You are SO talented at this stuff, Leslie!

  10. Its so interesting to hear how and what people did for there wedding! I had a destination wedding and absolutely loved it but still wish I could have had a big dramatic wedding but there was just no time for that :) Your wedding pictures are gorgeous!

    Xo; Amanda


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