Queen for a Day

In honor of the Diamond Jubilee celebration of her royal highness, we’ll be celebrating all things Queen-like today.

What would I do if I were Queen for a day?

I’m so delighted you asked.

I would call over my best friends Kate and Pippa Middleton for some early morning imbibing. We’d begin our day with some bubbly mixed with a spash of O.J., delivered to the veranda overlooking the courtyard. Because that’s where all queens start their day…duh.

I’d proceed to my luxurious bathroom where my hairdresser Jennifer would groom my locks into perfection. I’d do my own make-up though, because this queen actually enjoys this step in the getting-ready process.

I’d pick out a presh dress…hmmm, what to wear?
Next, I’d meet up with King Stephen (please note, that’s “King Stephen”; not “Stephen King”), for some diamond shopping. He’d insist on buying me three. Just. Because.

We'd have lunch inside Neiman Marcus and catch a matinee. Of course, the theater would be inside our castle - natch.

I’d plan a dinner party and invite all of our royal friends and family.

For the good of my country’s sanity, I’d put forth a royal decree that the Kardashians must be exiled.

I’d have afternoon (sweet) tea with Paula Deen and we’d discuss the joys of being southern and, therefore, fabulous.

An order for an utterly gorgeous pair of Charlotte Olympia pumps would be placed with my no-limit American Express Royale card.

I’d get a spray tan in the comfort of my bedchambers by a skilled aesthetician. No Mystic Tan today, thankyoukindly.

I’d call my personal stylist, Rachel Zoe and we’d discuss the trends for Fall 2012, which of course, I’d decide. Since I’m royal and whatnot.

Then, she'd help me pick out a swank Valentino or a glittery Giambattista Valli for an evening of wine and cheese with Brad and Angelina. 

I’d end the day with dinner and dancing with King Stephen as our friend and personal house singer Adele serenaded us.


Happy 60 years on the throne, Queen Lizzy. This blonde thinks you’re pretty spectacular.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I think I would take in some shopping at Harrod's and have high tea at the Savoy Hotel...

  2. Love this post, so fun and cute! :)

  3. That Giambattista Valli would be a must!!! It's perfect for a Queen. Like Illegally Blonde, I would have to have a spot of tea!

  4. I adored this post. Can I come over for mimosas with Kate & Pippa? :)

  5. I think you're ready to be royal! ;) Love it!

  6. Hahaha! This made me giggle at my desk - love each and every Queenly task you thought up:) Especially the 'exile the Kardashians' one. I'd vote for you for Queen any day!

  7. Love this! haha, we think a lot alike! Have a good day. :)

  8. Hahaha! This post cracked me up! :] Love all of your fun festivities that you would do if you were Queen for a day! That would be so fun! Ahhh...

  9. If ONLY I were a Queen! I wish.

  10. Haha this is just awesome. If only it could be real life. You would be a baller Queen might I add.

  11. Pink does need to be the new black!!! This day sounds perfect, Leslie! Can I join you??

  12. Hahaha - hilarious!

  13. What a fun post! Isn't she the 2nd longest reigning monarch? Pretty cool!



  14. Just want to live in your royal world!

  15. Hi,nice blog an nice pictures.
    I wonder if you would like to follow each other:)


    Happy blogging.

  16. Omg yes. This is fabulous! What a great post haha! I wish I could wear a crown everyday I just love em haha. I'm in love w Rachel Zoe too! She's beyond fabulous!

  17. Cute post! The jubilee was so neat! She's what in her 80's right? She really doesn't act it at all, she is just pure class! Kate looked gorgeous as always, I loved her red dress and her hubby and Prince Harry (my dream hubby) looked so handsome, they always do though. I enjoyed it. I'm very much a fan of the royal family.




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