A Southern Girl's Guide to Surviving the Summer

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It’s summer and the heat is beginning to make its big, humid self comfy in the great state of Arkansas and much of the rest of the Southern U.S.

Today’s post, although directed toward my Southern sisters, can apply to fab lady-folk of all regions.
Together, we will overcome the beast that is summer. One spritz of no-frizz hairspray at a time.

  • Set your foundation with primer if you intend on it staying put. Otherwise you risk the “melted face” look. And ladies, it’s not pretty. 

  • Trendy shift dress + classic blazer = a wearable thermostat. Not only are layers great for wintertime, they’re perfect for we working ladies whose office A/C doesn’t operate at full capacity most of the time. I love my job, but lordy be…it gets hotter than Satan’s sauna in there. 

  • Spray tans. Because sometimes it’s just too dadgum hot for basking in the real stuff. 
  • Iced tea. Preferably sweet. It keeps you hydrated and doesn’t leave you all bloated like fizzy bevvies. 

  • APY60 Yoga DVD, my workout of choice. Because it keeps the midsection in check whilst bikini season is in play. 
  • Pureology Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as Pureology Miracle Spray. It keeps color-treated hair in tip-‘topknot’ shape.
  • A great pair of peep-toe pumps. Because summer is the perfect time to show off that vivid pink polish you’ve been sporting on your tootsies. 

  • A high-quality hair dryer (like the Chi brand), which helps to send the infamous southern frizz packing. 
  • A bright shade of blush. You’ll likely get a little more bronze as the summer progresses, thus you’ll need a more impactful cheek color. I like Nars’ blush in Angelika for summs! 

  • A fruity little “grown-up” drink for those warm nights spent on the porch or on the back of a tailgate with your main squeeze. 
  • A cute swimsuit for refreshing dips in the lake or trips to the river.

And cute southern boys, like the one below...because every girl needs her fella ; )

My personal Southern gentleman...the hubs. Isn't he cute, y'all?

My favorite engagement picture of Stephen and I...very Southern and very us.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. You are just too cute little missy - as is this post. Love it! And, as a fellow sweltering Southern belle, I 100% agree with it all:)

  2. Where is that bathing suit from? It's so cute!

  3. Fizzie Bevies, I literally Laughed out loud :)

    oooh I need to get me one of those southern boys ;) Lucky lady!

  4. Love this post, it is so true.

  5. You guys are too cute! Love these southern girl tips! :)

  6. Leslie and Readers,

    For some reason I thought there was a post about how to dress patriotic for 4th of July, without wearing a red white and blue shirt with a giant flag on it! Does anyone remember that post? For some reason I thought it was at a time that wasn't around 4th of July?

    If you could e-mail me at morgandaymude@gmail.com and let me know the date of the post, I would REALLY appreciate it! I am really needing to find it!

    Thank you :)

  7. Some of your sayings just crack me up Leslie! Sometimes I think I should've been born/raised in the south, haha! <3

    ~Lindsay @

  8. Morgan - Here's what you're looking for:


  9. Love this post, and your engagement picture is the cutest! xo

  10. My office gets so COLD I literally run my space heater ALL DAY when it's 100 degrees outside - crazy huh?! :)

  11. You make southern so classy and I love it!

  12. Love this with my whole heart and my frizzy hair! What anti frizz hair spray do you swear by? I normally don't use hair spray but now that my hair is shorter, I find myself curling it a bit more (it's naturally wavy I find it's better to go with it vs. fight it to be straight every day).

    Thank you for the primer tip, very, very important.

  13. Love the tips!!! Have a wonderful day, Leslie!

  14. The pictures of you two is adorable. Perfectly southern!

  15. He totally does look like like the poster child for the perfect Southern Boy in that pic!!!

  16. Love this post - and it's all so applicable!

  17. This post is spot on. And LOVE the last engagement pic. He reminds me a little of Easton Corbin with his baseball hat and plaid shirt. So cute of you guys!

  18. ha your funny!
    cute pictures! ya'll are a good lookin' couple!

    Xo; Amanda

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  20. Loved Secret #99. Your blog is great and always reminds me of home. I'm from MS but have lived in TX for a few years now.


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