Frizz No 'Mo

Wednesdays are usually reserved for trend watching, but alas, I was feeling uninspired.

Know what always leaves me inspired though?


Particularly of the non-frizzy variety. A while back, some sweet readers asked my “southern girl” advice on getting smooth locks during the sweltering months. It’s definitely a challenge no matter where you live, but I think the South and coastal areas are a bit more challenging than, let’s say, Ohio.

I say this because I have a family friend in Ohio who told me that it was 78 degrees there yesterday. (She also offered up her basement for the summer, so Tamara, if you’re reading – sign me up!)

It was 104 here with 72% humidity.

(Insert squeals of delight.)

Let’s pause for a brief aside, shall we? I probably haven’t had a decent hair day in …I dunno, a week? You see, my dear co-workers and I haven’t had A/C since last Wednesday in our office. LAST. WEDNESDAY. So our office feels/smells like an Amazonian rainforest mixed with the pleasant scent of a men’s locker room.

So right now, my hair resembles that of a Treasure Troll’s.

I’m sexy and I know it.


Step One

But if you’re lucky enough to live in a place where the monster known as Humidity hasn’t reared its ugly head, read on.

I use approximately fifteen different shampoos and conditioners. Right now, I’m loving Pureology’s Hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Last week it was Victoria’s Secret Color Treating stuff. Next week, who knows? Only the good Lord and the cashier at Ulta.

Step Two

So I start with washing and conditioning. Afterward, I spritz it with Pureology’s Perfect4Platinum, which repairs split ends on color treated hair.

Step Three

Next, I use a nickel-sized amount of Chi Silk Infusion serum and brush it out with a detangling comb.

Step Four

I usually opt for a paddle brush or, if I have oodles of time (which never happens) Ill use a round brush.

The most crucial part of this whole process is a good dryer. You’ll want something with ionic technology and something that will get the job done in less time.

My baby and saving grace, the Chi Rocket Professional Dryer. It's not cheap (around $150), but well worth it. The above has a diffuser attached to it, but I don't use a diffuser.

Step Six

This is what my "after-drying" top knot looks like. My actual "top" is from Savoir-Faire : )

Finally, after she’s dry, I pull my hair into a top knot and let it sit for a few hours. I don’t know why this works on me, but it does. After I take the top knot out, it’s really soft and silky.  I never wash my hair in the morning. I always do it the night before because it really helps it lay better when it's had a few hours to "rest" after it has been washed.

Follow up with a curling iron or flat iron, if you so desire.

Be blessed (and frizz-free), lovelies- 


  1. The Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum is for a VERY specific hair type. Your hair must be fried (basically) for it to be effective. Otherwise it's going to be way too heavy. I'm surprised it works well in your hair because your hair doesn't look fried (maybe thats the P4P in action!)
    Also the Pureology Hydrate Shampoo is the BEST EVER!! Sulfate free baby!!!

  2. You NEED to try Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof. Best product ever to battle that humidity!!

  3. I'm glad you mentioned the top knot. I do this too. I always thought I might be strange. I will pull my hair up after it's dry away from my face and do my make-up. This started because my hair is thick and drying takes a lot time and I get hot, and sweaty. Sexy, right? So instead of dealing with the sweaty hair and kninks it would give to my straight (natural wavy) locks. I would do that to ensure it wouldn't get "wet" again. I noticed that it gave my hair a bit of body, and helped with frizz. I'm happy I'm on the right track. Thank you for sharing your product love too!!! :)

    Ugh... this heat is horrible. I saw the forecast for next week I"M SO happy I'm going north for vacation!

  4. I wish I could wash my hair before bed and get up to do make-up ect. My hair is super oily and it would look a hot ole' mess in the morning!

    Lindsay @

  5. Wow! You've got your regimin down pat! Thanks for the tips.

  6. Would you go over how you do your top knot? I know it may be so simple, but I have hair that after I wash, blow dry, and straighten - then sleep on - I STILL wake up with cow licks (even though they were blown out the night before).

    I am wanting to try the top knot idea, but every way I think of putting it up, leaves me thinking Ill have kinks throughout my hair.

    PLEASE??? pretty please???

  7. Birmingham is ungodly hot as well! My curly hair is suffering majorly! I use silicon based products and it does wonders for my hair!

  8. Lovvve Pureology! Is your hair typically curly/frizzy? Just curious because I have naturally curly hair, so
    I'm always on the look out for good hair products! :)

    New follower! Fellow Arkansan, too! :)

  9. Not to brag, but California coasts do not get humidity. PTL!

  10. It's supposed to be 105 here in Ohio tomorrow so I think this girl spoke way too soon :)

  11. I live in Charleston SC and the humidity here is ridiculous!! But I got a gift cert for my birthday to get a keratin treatment and I just did it this past weekend. It was an express version so it will only last 6 weeks but let me just say...MIRACLE! My hair is wavy, thick and very frizzy unless I do some serious flat ironing. Now, I just wash it, blow dry it for half the time and if I feel like it run a flattener around my face. That's it. It used to take an hour and a half and now it takes me 20 minutes! And the best part, I went on a 45 minute walk with the kids this afternoon in the heat and humidity and when I got home, it looked like I had just fixed my hair...not frizz or waves!! You should try it out!!

  12. Thanks for the awesome blog post! My hair frequently looks like Simba's mane in this horrific humidity. Although you may want to rethink your plea to head towards us northerners to escape the heat and humidity. It'd be a pretty even trade this week...http://www.weather.com/maps/news/forecastsummary/uscurrenttemperatures_large.html


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