Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

I’ve been cranky this week. Our office a/c hasn’t exactly been performing at its peak lately. Nothing is worse than sitting in a humid room all day and having the backs of your legs stick to your chair. #ick

I kind of enjoyed not having to cook dinner this week. I was really bummed that Stephen had to be out of town, but there’s something magical about being able to eat grilled cheese sandwiches and Cheeze-Its for dinner. It was a fun flashback to my bachelorette days.

I succumbed to the urge to buy the ModCloth top I featured yesterday. I always forget that I have money in a Paypal account, where my humble blog earnings are kept. I hadn’t checked it in months and was delighted to find a good bit of change in there yesterday. So I traded in my Paypal dollars on a cute top. It’s called the Great X-pectations top and I have great expectations that it will add some flavor to my sartorial repertoire ; )
Buy one for yourself, here.

I confess that I’m a smidge irritated that there will no longer be Coke products at Razorback games. They are switching to Pepsi, (which is bad enough), but they also signed a ten year contract to really drive the dagger in deeper.  Oh, U of A – why did you do this to us southerners?

I confess that I probably am guilty of drinking one too many said delightful Cokes.

I confess that I could probably buy a new candle every day, especially Tyler candles. I’m obsessed with just about every scent they produce, but specifically Tyler (their signature scent), Thornapple and Fleur de Lis. Be still my nostrils.

I confess that it kills me to end a sentence with a preposition.

I confess that I have gotten out of bed to fix a grammatical error in a blog post before.

I confess that using text lingo such as ‘LOL’ kills me.

I confess that I could go on and on about copywriting best practices, but I realize that could potentially deter readers. Particularly my husband who, bless his heart, is forced to listen to my grammar pet-peeve rants all the time. Hazard of the (real) job, I suppose.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Pepsi hails from my great state of North Carolina! It is about as "Southern" as you can get!

  2. I am also disappointed about the change to Pepsi! And this happens the summer we finally move to NWA. :(

  3. Here in NYC we are trying to ban any soda/sugary drink over 16oz. So it can always get worse!

  4. Pepsi and not Coke??? Come on, what are they thinking? I hate ending sentences in prepositions, too, but I must confess sometimes it happens and I hate myself for it. And I cannot abide lingo like LOL. Bryan and I both are so annoyed by it that when we are worn out with it we make a ton of them run together to jest about how much it bothers us. And you have got to tell me how to make money from my blog--advertising? How? I need deets. Have a great weekend!

  5. OU did the Pepsi thing , too! I about gagged!! And Tyler candles are the best... They have an orange-vanilla scented one that is heavenly!!

  6. Love the top! So cute! I've heard all the Tyler candles smell great. I need to try them. Sorry to hear about the switch to Pepsi :(

  7. I am obsessed with Tyler candles, especially the Tyler scent...I grew up close to Tyler and it reminds me of home :).

  8. I've been in a bit of a cranky mood too, this week. I'm chalking it up to the long weekend having to end. Love the top!

  9. Pepsi products at a football game, um.. that's Un-American. And So wrong.

    You wanna start a petition together? I'll help you out sister. I can't let you have to drink PEPSI at a Hogs game!!! I'd hate to hear you got arrested for smuggling in coca cola to the game! ;)

    Happy Weekend!

  10. I agree; Tyler candles are my fave. Bird of Paradise is my scent of choice! I am from North Carolina as well, but a loyal Coke drinker. I'd be irritated about the switch too!

  11. The heat and humidity in Oklahoma are terrible already too. I don't think I could work at all with shotty AC! Props to you for sticking it out!

  12. I have a grammatical pet-peeve as well! The errors you see sometimes... ARGH!
    And I would be cranky too if my A/C didn't work... what a nightmare!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Leslie!

  13. ive been cranky this week, too. we all have our moments... and grilled cheese and cheeze its? yum. i like those nights sometimes, too... i think tonight is going to be one of them, the hubs may have to fend for himself.

  14. Oh, I am right there with you about the Pepsi change. What was Jeff Long thinking?

    I love Tyler products, too! My favorite is High Maintenance. If you haven't tried their Glamorous Wash, you definitely should. It makes our sheets smell amazing!

  15. Ugh Pepsi instead of Coke gets me grumpy too! Love that top, thanks for sharing!



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