Milly and ModCloth

Hello, lovelies!  A few random tidbits for your day, if you have a sec:

1) Have y'all seen the Milly for Sperry loafers? PRESH. I especially love the neon pair, even though I have no clue what the heck I'd wear them with. (Can I just admit that the fact I ended the previous sentence on a preposition is eating me alive? There just wasn't an un-awkward way to write it correctly.) #CopywriterProblems

Anywhoodle...take note:
Neons here.
Red here.

2) I'm pretty much obsessed (and have been for a couple of years) with ModCloth. In fact, I'm currently trying to figure out how I can convince Stephen to get on board with my purchasing of this Eva Franco dress.

3) And this Great X-pectations top. I think I need it in a bad way.

4) On a hair-related note, I haven't had time to do a hair-defrizzing post this week, like I had planned. We'll have to defrizz next week, girls.

5) I am ready for the husband to return from New York. In fact, I was ready the moment he got on that plane, but after last night's severe thunderstorms, I am really ready for his return. Ari and I battened down the hatches and toughed it out, but I'm ready for the fearless leader to get his heiney back.

6) This boy posed for a pic for me yesterday when I went home at lunch to feed him. In looking at this photo, I notice two things:

    a) I believe that he's smiling in the pic.
    b) I believe we need to convince his dad to take a trip to Pet Co. for a new bed.

7) Last thing - iPhone users, please help! This morning, I woke up late because my alarm didn't go off. I remembered setting it last night, so I went to make sure it was working. I discovered that the sound/speakers on the phone are completely broken. Music won't play, alarm won't go off, phone won't ring out loud...nada. We did have a bad storm last night, so I'm wondering if it was a power surge?? Help!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I had that problem last summer. I called Apple and they wouldn't help me unless I paid them money-and they didn't promise they could fix it. I took it to the Apple store, not only did they help, but they just gave me a new phone. Even though I had had mine for over a year.

  2. I too ended up with a new phone. My speakers had been broken with a power surge. However, I had my phone JUST under 1 year, so it was still under warranty. Good luck!

  3. We went to Target last weekend and I was finally able to convince my husband that our dog needed a new bed- he kept telling me that our dog wouldn't care, but he has been all over his new bed this week so I am now convinced dogs like new stuff just like their owners :).

  4. If it's your first time ever going to the Apple store for anything I'm pretty sure they just give you a new one. I cracked my screen to smithereens and the guy just handed me a brand new one.

  5. love those neon sperrys... sooo cute!! i could so build an outfit around them... :)

    and i agree, go to the apple store... they are usually super helpful and have been known to give out new phones if you've never had any issues! i could have kissed the guy!

  6. Oooh new phone! (sorry just read everyone's posts about the issue with your iPhone). I know nothing about the phone but have you tried rebooting it? (restarting, not sure what you call it w/ phones) the hubby has a Samsung phone and he has to reboot it every once in a while when it freezes. If that doesn't work I say march to the apple store :) Get a genius to look at it!

    Ugh I hate storms this time of year, and I'd especially hate them at home alone. I hope your hubby gets back with two shakes of a lambs tail to you :)

    I love those 2nd pair of shoes. I'm fearful when it comes to neon. Small items like accessories or a cute top I will do, but shoes seem like more of a commitment. Like you, I'd worry about what to wear them with. ox

  7. you definitely want to take it to your nearest apple store. they will either fix it or give you a new (refurbished) phone. before you go make sure to back up your phone on your computer so you keep all your pictures and contacts. also, make an appointment online, makes it faster and easier.

  8. Awww, love that picture of Ari - he's so handsome :)

  9. I love the red wedges, Leslie! And you (and I) need that dress. SO PRETTY!

  10. Being from the NWA moiself, our nearest Apple Store is in like Tulsa. Howevs, there is this guy in downtown Rogers that fixes iPhones and won't charge you UNLESS he can fix it. Same issue happened to my husband a few weeks back and the guy told him he thought he knew what was wrong, but that if he couldn't fix it he wouldn't charge. 45 minutes later, the phone worked like a charm. HIGHLY recommended! He told us AT&T sends all their customers to him. Hope this helps!

  11. Check to see if the little button on the left side of the phone is switched over- it mutes everything. I know it seems like everyone would know about that- but I was convinced my phone was broken for weeks. You wouldn't believe how much my husband still makes fun of me for not knowing.

  12. Your dog is so adorable!! And let me just tell you, your blog is one of my favorites to read:)

    Shelby xoxo


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