"Two Things" Monday

Today is kah-razy busy and I'm rushing to meet a few deadlines, BUT I wanted to take a moment to blog. Duh.

1. I caved. I stopped at Arsaga's this morning and broke the no-latte-drinking streak. 16 oz. caramel latte. It (so far) has been worth every single foamy, delicious calorie. A little treat every now and then didn't hurt anyone, right?

2. I found the cutest dress at Target (or Tarjay, if you're fancy) yesterday! The Webster for Target has the most adorable line of clothing at Target stores and online right now. I scored the Jersey dress in navy and green and am wearing it today! Pics forthcoming. (Once I apply mascara and whatnot.)

And finally, Mr. Ari wanted to say "hi". This is him posing for a shot for his momma yesterday. He was happy; he had just gotten a bucket of ice water and a fist full of doggie treats, ha!

Anywho, hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Lots of fun things in store on le bloggy this week: A skincare review, outfit pics featuring recent local purchases and Friday, we'll have an Ode to Momma in place of the usual Confessional Friday.

Let's go out and make it a great Monday, m'kay?

(And I'll need those TPS reports by 5:00...)

A little Office Space humor for ya.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I bought that dress yesterday. A great buy for the price!

  2. I did a blog post about the Debut of the stores and couldn't wait to go. I brought 1 dress. I thought the accessories were great quality. What did you think?

  3. "Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking...just a moment."

    Love that dress & I agree that lattes are always worth the calories :)

  4. officially need that dress now - too cute!

  5. Love that dress. I wish I knew how it hung, looks like it is loose fitting, which would be perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yeah... I'm gonna' have to ask you to come in on Saturday...

    I love your coaster! Where did you find those??

  7. I have been hearing a lot about this Webster for Target line. I might just have to go check it out;) Happy Monday!

  8. i need to get to target and make some purchases asap :) what a cute dress love!

  9. That dress is adorable. Target has such cute stuff! I can't resist a little coffee drink now and again either. :)
    You only live once, right? Have a happy Monday!


  10. Loved Office Space!! LOL. And yeah, you are pretty good with the whole moderation thing so if you put your mind to it I'm sure you won't become a full blown Starbucks junkie again...unless you want to! Cute dress.

  11. Oh man, my hubs would be dying seeing your Office Space reference. He's the biggest fan; no joke.

    Love the dress & can't wait for an exciting week here!

  12. I'm obsessed with the Webster collection! I think the dress I'm wearing to a graduation will come from there.

  13. You might have caved to a latte, but you can still say the no Starbucks streak is unbroken! ;] & that Target dress is super cute!

  14. Please post a picture of you in the dress. I got it last night and thought it looked a little maternityish(word????) but love the dress/color.


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