Trend Watch Wednesday: Emi Jay + Spike the Punch

Okay, today's TWW is a two-fer: Two trends for the price of one. (Although you girls don't pay to read this blog and if you did, I'd be the first to tell you to put your money toward more worthy causes.)

Let's talk about accessory trends, baby!

I got a few of these super cute hair tie/bracelet things last summer and wore them out so fast. I was shopping at Savoir-Faire last week and saw some really cute new prints and colors. I picked up a chartreuse and a jaguar and can't wait to scoop up some more soon.

Kendall Jenner wears Emi-Jay!

This presh trend started when two friends began making these little beauties for Locks of Love, where some of today's sales still go. Fans of the line, like Jen Aniston, wear them as hair ties and as bracelets. The way that they're knotted prevents them from creating that annoying "crease" that other hair elastics leave.

Stop by Savoir-Faire or other retailer and get some for yo'self.

These funky jewelry pieces remind me of a necklace I had as a kid in the early 90s, but way more chic. I love the chunky links and the fun pops of color. I just got the "Lillian" necklace, a bright red and candy pink beauty, which is actually two necklaces.

the Lillian necklace
Ellie necklace
Spike the Punch also has their classic Rainey necklace, which is another fav. I can't wait for her to re-stock those because I'm buying!

The Rainey

Addison Necklace

What say you about these trendy lines? Love them as much as I do?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. i totally had a matching orange necklace and earrings set that looked very similar to the chain link necklaces. (back in the 90s as well) i'm actually pretty sure i still have the earrings haha i might have to bust those bad boys back out for the summer!
    i'm really digging all the orange, pinks, and reds i've been seeing this spring.

  2. This is too funny - in February I found out about EmiJay and Spike the Punch around the same time and became obsessed. I still get mobile notifications when STP tweets about listing new items. I bought 2 necklaces, both Rainey, and I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the EmiJay hair ties are awesome - they make me feel like a ballerina. :)

  3. I love everything in this post :) !! Thanks for sharing. The spike the punch necklace definitely my fave. I hope you have a wonderful day !!

  4. I love everything in this post :) !! Thanks for sharing. The spike the punch necklace definitely my fave. I hope you have a wonderful day !!

  5. I love Emi Jay too! I have headbands in all the colors of my workout shirts and I wear them together to the gym! FAB!

  6. I have been trying to get my hands on a Rainey with no luck! I will keep trying though :)

  7. i've been wanting the rainey for a while as well. sooo cute!!

  8. oh.. definitely!


    from fallinlove.com.ar

  9. i love spike the punch necklaces! and I need some of those cute hair ties instead of my ugly elastic constantly on my wrist!


  10. The Lillian necklace would be a complete throwback for me with some plastic charms on it. Totally loved those as a kid. These are so much better.

  11. I love these, they're so beautiful! Your blog is so much fun!


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