Confessional Friday: Link-Up

  • I’ll probably be hanged for saying this, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. I confess that I stopped reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I really wanted to like it, but the writing just didn’t do it for me personally. I realize that the draw of this book isn’t the well-conceived plot or the character development, but I need something more than just naughtiness to keep my attention. Don’t get me wrong, I love an, ahem, “adventurous” book, but I can’t put up with a protagonist exclaiming, “double crap!” in every other sentence.

           I’m just happy people are reading again, though. And if you’re a fan, read on – there’s 
           no judgment here. 

  • I confess that I'm getting a spray tan over lunch today. I apologize in advance to my dear co-workers who will have to smell me : ) We're hosting company this weekend on the lake and boat, so I've got to be tan for the bikini!
  •  I confess that I wish our summers were a bit less scheduled. I love socializing, but our weekends are exhausting as of late. Next weekend we’re supposed to go to St. Louis and, though I’m so excited to have a mini vacay, I’m tired just thinking about all the driving. I think we’ll institute a “low key weekend” policy going forward this summer. 
  • I confess that Stephen and I are obsessed with those murder mystery shows on I.D. network. Just call us Mamaw and Papaw. We love coming home and watching those after work. Yes friends, we are that exciting. And if Murder She Wrote was still on TV, I’d bet dollars to pesos we’d be watching that, too. (Remember that show with Angela Lansbury?) 
  • I confess that I enjoy myself some Lifetime movies. Stephen and I watched The Drew Peterson Story movie a month ago and became so consumed with it that we were ticked when the DVR cut it off before the last scene. 
  • I confess that I’m ready for this presidential election to be over. I’m not about to start a political debate on here, but lawdy mercy! I’m tired of turning on Facebook and seeing nothing but political rants. And I’m also tired of getting those auto-calls from our state senator candidates. I’m aware when voting occurs. I'm a regular voter. But if you auto-call me again, you can be sure I won’t cast my vote for you.
  • And finally...the confession to rival all confessions...
I WENT THROUGH A DRIVE-THRU BACKWARD YESTERDAY. I was trying to get a morning coffee at Silver Joe's in Fayetteville and didn't realize that you have to go through counter-clockwise. I had to back up about 20 feet, turn around and go back through correctly. By that time, I was so embarrassed I just said screw it and drove off - red as a beet, I'm sure.

Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of my life...

 I confess that I love you all dearly. Have a fantastic weekend, y'all.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Love, love, love that last confession! Hilarious! Almost as funny as the time my mother backed into someone in a drive-through because they forgot to give her a straw with her order. She just put the car in reverse and backed right into the car behind her. Oops! And PS: I am not championing the writing quality of Fifty Shades - it's by no means a Pulitzer nominee - however, I will say, the writing changes completely in the second book. The focus is more on character development and a plot line rather than just naughtiness - everyone says the second book is the best. I promise if you can make yourself get to the second book, you will think completely differently (and might really like it!)

  2. Your final confession is right up there with the time I accidentally went through a car wash (the kind with the big flappy rags that drives you all the way through) with my window down. Yep. So, you're not alone, girl!

  3. HAHAHAH the last confession is too cute and SOOO me! Oh well, it happens right!?

    I'm will you on 50 shades, glad people are reading but just not the book for me. Have you read "abraham lincoln the vampire hunter"? I'm reading it for my book club and it's pretty interesting.

    have a great weekend! xoxo

  4. UGH, auto call... I hate those. I get them a lot as well on my cell phone.

    DVR - I HATE that DVR's cut off the last minute of programing. I also hate that when you tell it to remind you of a show it clicks to the channel 2 minutes before the show starts. Especially because I think THAT is why it cuts off shows. We love Thursday night shows on NBC and if you record them... even if you watch the next consecutive show, you miss that last snippet joke on every show and it drives me crazy because it's usually a GREAT one!

  5. I'm with you on the presidential election....it's been nonstop since the Repub primaries and I am just OVER it. The thought that there's about 6 more months of this nonsense is annoying as Hades to me.

    LOVE your last confession--I'd probably do something like that...and probably while I had someone in the car who would inevitably make fun of me lol

  6. I love your confessions :) I will torture myself by reading an entire book that I hate - just in case it turns out to be really good. Haha, so kudos for saying enough is enough! Have fun entertaining, and I hope you get some downtime soon!

  7. haha - love the ending with days of our lives. I started 50 shades of grey this week and I know what you mean..... I was hoping for a bit more of an actual "book" with all of the scandalous sexy stuff thrown in. I haven't given up on it yet, but I am also wondering how this can possibly continue for 500 pages with no real plot?? have a great weekend!!!


  8. Totally agree on 50 Shades...it's tiresome, honestly. I bought it on the recommendation of several bloggers I trust and have been very disappointed. I'm like Kaitlyn above, though. I keep reading just in case it turns out to be good. So far, not the case and I have to skim over the riduculous naughty scenes.

    Love your blog and love reading about NWA. I miss it so much. Have a great weekend!

  9. I may have just laughed so loud at the last one that my secretary asked me what was so funny... and then she read and laughed too! TGIF!

  10. My husband works in Kansas City a lot and he's told me about a McDonalds there where you have to literally reach out your passenger window to pay and get your items! Craziness! I finished 50 Shades last night...don't judge me, please ;) And as for the spray tan, hopefully it won't be too bad...I always feel so sticky afterwards. I have one versa spray remaining at STC, I need to use it up soon! ;)

  11. This is so FUNNY! Thanks for sharing.. and enjoy your "hectic" weekend! I hope they get more relaxing... :)

  12. My husband and I watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives or Man vs. Food every night before bed. It's pretty pathetic sometimes! lol

  13. Too funny. I have not even tried reading "Shades of Grey".

  14. I feel so old saying this... but I watch murder she wrote every morning! Ha! It's on TV land at 8am weekdays.

  15. I stopped reading 50 Shades too! I don't know what it is. It just didn't keep me soooo interested like everyone else. I've been reading it for months now, where everyone I know finished the 3 book series in less than a month. To each her own, I guess!

  16. I was late for the confessions by a few days...My major confession- I like the books but I agree, It isn't totally keeping my attention! Lobe your blog! xo

  17. I hope your drive and weekend in STL is fun and safe!!! Ill be here (in STL) assembling invitation orders and seating boards for June and July and August weddings :)

    You are a beautiful bride btw!




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