Weekend in Pics: Crystal Bridges

This weekend, we hosted our good friends Melissa and Ben. M and B are one of our very favorite couples and they are actually getting married this fall (eeek!) They got engaged the month after our wedding last September and they really couldn't be more perfect for each other.

P.S. Ben- I got to see Melissa's dress and buddy, you are in for a treat! Gorgeous!

We spent the past two days bopping around Northwest Arkansas and eating delicious, local food, touring the new Crystal Bridges Museum and riding around Beaver Lake on the boat. It was a darn good weekend, here in our neck of the woods.

The museum was just incredible. The fact that we have such an amazing attraction right in our own backyard speaks volumes about how far NWA has come in terms of embracing culture. I mean, we Arkansans hardly ever wear shoes, have access to electricity or utilize indoor plumbing, so this was a real treat : )

(Hear that? It's the sound of me inserting my tongue into my cheek.)

Encased in a trees and wildflowers, the museum is built in a circular layout with tons of exposed beams, natural light and aged steel. Additionally, Crystal Bridges Museum was the only U.S. location to make it on Travel & Leisure's "Hottest Travel Destinations" list for 2012-2013!

In fact, one Drew Barrymore was in town just two weeks ago visiting our little attraction.

I've always been proud to be from Arkansas, but places like the Clinton Library and this museum make me so thankful to live in a state that appreciates both the slow pace of life and the beauty of fine art.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. You two are adorable together!!!! Love your dress! So glad you had a fun weekend with friends! I am loving all this warm weather!!! (minus the humidity, ugh!)

  2. Love, Love the dress! Where is it from!? This would be a great dress for my Mexico vacay next month!

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend. I love your dress.... you are the cutest! xo

  4. Wow! What a cool museum! Gorgeous! And I love how both of us are getting outside a lot while we still can before the weather gets ridiculous in our neck of the woods. Gorgeous little dress, sister! You rock it quite well! :)

  5. That seriously looks so beautiful! I'll have to go visit it next time I'm in NWA! And would love to eventually meet yall too (Barbie & Ken) :P xoxo glad you had a great weekend with friends! Becky

  6. What a fabulous weekend! You look great. Loving that dress girl!

  7. I LOVE your dress! So cute!!!

  8. How nice to enjoy the attractions in your own town. It really makes you appreciate your city, it's fun and it's near by. Win win.

  9. Your dress is super cute!

    I liked your little joke about Arkansas! Too funny.


  10. Y'all are so cute! I'm so happy that we have CB in Arkansas. I haven't gotten to go inside it yet, but I did walk all around it last year while it was still being built. It is on my list of things to do soon!

  11. Looks like a cool place! I love museums like this.
    You look super cute in your flowery dress, Leslie!
    I'm glad you had fun with friends.

  12. What a fun weekend! You look gorgeous, I love that dress!

  13. What a neat museum. And you are such a cute couple.


  14. You look super cute!



  15. Hi Leslie! thank you for showing something from your place!

    Love from a rainy and cold Argentina!


  16. Oh my goodness! That dress is just adorable on you!!! Love the colors!

  17. Like everybody else, LOVE the dress! I am now following your blog, I love it!

  18. LOVE your dress! Where did you purchase it?


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