A Fabulous Weekend and Nothing to Show for It

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-We had a faboosh Mother's Day weekend, but unfortunately, I have no pics to show for it! Le camera was left at our house in Northwest Arkansas and I didn't realize I'd left it behind until we had made it to Heber Springs. Oh well, I'm sure my family was happy that they could escape the onslaught of photo-taking for the blog, haha.

-In other news, tonight marks the beginning of exercising for me since the surgery in February! I was supposed to be good and wait for at least 8 weeks (which, I did) and now I can resume "gettin' physical". I'll probably start with some running intervals and toning exercises, like squats and lunges. I'm pumped, y'all. Stephen is even going to lend his trainer knowledge to help me get back in the groove of working out. My weight hasn't changed and I haven't really lost that much muscle tone, so I'm expecting to bounce back pretty quickly!

-Does anyone else watch Southern Nights or Texas Women on CMT? We watch both and were so sad to see it didn't get captured on the DVR.

-This is a completely serious statement: We think we may have a ghost in our house. I'm not kidding. This will require an entire blog post to completely explain, but we have had some WEIRD stuff happening at our hacienda lately. Things strange enough to make even the most staunch skeptics (i.e. me) believe that there may be a third party living in our home. More on this later in the week, but if you've ever had to deal with anything like this, shoot me an email - I'd love to swap stories and get your advice for getting rid of it. (Or can you get rid of a ghost? Eh? I dunno.)

Anyway, kind of a random post, but I promise the following organized posts for this week:

  • Simone France Radiance Review
  • Outfit post 
  • Confessional Friday resumes

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. COngras on being able to start up again! Must be a great feeling ! Still take it easy and be careful :D Glad your weekend was so great !

  2. I watch Texas Women and Southern Nights and they weren't on my DVR this week either. I'm hoping it wasn't on for some reason. Don't know why I'm so hooked but would hate to miss it.

  3. Yep I did not have those shows in DVR either!! I think they were not on this week, but from the looks of the cmt website should be back next week!! Woo Hoo

  4. I watch Texas Women! This weeks episode was pretty tame, but next week looks crazy!

  5. Obsessed with Southern Nights... I'm trying to think if I saw it this week but my DVR didn't pick it up either. I'm going to assume it wasn't new this week. You know they are building up for the huge "drama" fest that is Kyle and Collin in the same house fighting over Devin. {truth be told, I've heard some not so flattering stuff about Devin from some Tuscaloosa insiders, she's apparently NOT as sweet as she wants us all to believe}. But I could have told anyone that... girls that like other boys "for real" don't let a new boy sleep in their bed on tv... ;)

    But yes, so love this show. I want OCLicious to have more tv time, she's my favorite I wanna be friends with her. She seems like too much fun.

    eeek to the ghost thing... I might have some info for you!

  6. great blog post =] Im doing an earring giveaway on my blog right now, you should definitely enter =]

  7. Had a somewhat similar situation at my house! Creepy! EEK!

  8. Neither show was on this past weekend. They'll be back next week

  9. Leslie, I adore your enthusiasm for squats and lunges! Good on you for getting back into exercise with such joie de vivre! Gonna take a mental note of what a positive attitude can do :)

  10. oh, i can't wait to hear about the "ghost"

    Happy Tuesday! :)


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