8 Months + Outfit Pics (!!)

Lots of things today.

Today is our eight month anniversary! I realize it’s probably unnecessary to do a “we’ve been married X months, today!” post every month. But I still feel like a bride : ) And married life is pretty amazing. Why shouldn’t that be celebrated?

Thanks to Stephen for making me his bride.

Let’s see…what else? Oh! I had a comment from someone yesterday that asked me to take an outfit pic with the Webster for Target dress. (I’m guessing to see how I kept it from looking baggy.)

A couple ways you can do this:
  •  Buy a size smaller than normal. I bought an XS, but I do believe I could’ve gotten away with an XXS…it was that baggy! (If you're a size 0 or 2, go XS and "tuck" all the loose fabric in with a belt.)
  • Cinch it with a belt, PLEASE. This thing will quickly start looking like a tent if you don’t belt it.
  • Make it office-appropriate with a cute cardi and some kitten heels or ballet flats.
 Another recent wardrobe find...

I picked up this frock at Savoir-Faire a couple weeks ago when I was shopping with a co-worker. It will do nicely for this summer.

I also reworked this skirt that I bought last fall and never wore. I paired it with a chambray shirt, my fav mint necklace from Maude and a pair of nude heels for a workday outfit. 

Ignore my uber-fabulous picture quality. It is what it is.

 Y’all remember when I asked you about new shampoo? I was getting tired of mine. Turns out, I found one! Joico Smooth Cure Shampoo and Conditioner smells great and gives my color-treated hair a silky texture. I think it’ll be handy this summer when the humidity kicks in full-force.

Y'all have a great Thursday, okay?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Happy 8 months! I had a former co-worker that celebrated "month-a-versaries" with her husband. Even 10 years into their marriage they could tell you how many "months" they had been married. It was perfectly "them" and very sweet! Enjoy it! :)

  2. Happy 8 months!! My Mom has always told me that a woman is a bride until her 1 year wedding anniversary. I love that. So it sounds like you've got 4 months of being a bride left. Rock it! :)

    PS. Love those dresses!!

  3. I use the same shampoo! One of my students gave it to me for Christmas! I wasn't sure if I like it at first but it grew on me!!

  4. Happy 8 months!!
    Love the coral dress!! I saw that dress at Target but they only had large and XL left :( It would have been perfect for by BFF baby shower in July! I think I will look online...
    I would love to try that shampoo...I think I'll look for it online too!!
    A little online shopping today sounds like a good idea!! Hope you have a fab day!!

  5. Happy 8 Months to you and stephen! There is never anything wrong with celebrating monthly! It keeps things exciting! And that first picture of you and stephen together is beautiful!

    Hope you have a great day!

  6. Love all of your outfits! You are the cutest. xo

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  8. Joico shampoo and conditioners are great. They are good for your hair because they are sulfate-free and have loads of yummy proteins! I buy mine at TJ Maxx or Marshall's. The small bottles are about $8.00 and the large bottles are only around $13.00 usually! Awesome deal!

  9. Thanks so much for the picture of the dress. I was the one who asked and now I have decided to keep the dress. Who knew that all I needed was a belt! I bought a size S, usually wear a M (recently lost 30 lbs). Oh and I bought the shoes too at Target and are they ever comfortable!

  10. Happy 8 Months!

    I love your outfit posts. I love dressing cute but don't always know how to pick out the right things and pair them together...so, I LOVE your posts! Thanks for sharing them...and keep sharing please :)

  11. happy 8 months! it seems to have gone by so quickly!

    you look so cute in that webster for target dress... and i agree with your tips. it definitely needs a belt!

  12. happy 8 months!!! what lippie color do you have on in your wedding pics? i love it!

  13. Love that second dress and necklace! I'm on the hunt for new nude heels right now!

  14. Girrrrrl....sorry but - not a good shampoo...I'm a hairstylist and i got some Joico products free and decided to sway from my Pureology shampoo for one wash and was deeply disappointed in the way it left my hair both frizzy and build-uppy.
    Try pureology! The volumizing one. There are so many benefits to colour, condition, health of the hair. It's a brilliant line.
    Basically your hair is far too nice for Joico. :)

  15. Happy 8 months!! Post about it anytime you want!

    I am planning my wedding and it feels amazing!



  16. Happy 8 months! such cute outfit pics and i love Joico products!

  17. I love your style and your blog. I'm a new follower.


  18. happy eight months, Leslie! keep celebrating those little milestones. they're the stepping stones to the big ones!


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