Confessional Friday: Link-Up

I'm pretty incredibly pumped to have Monday off...yee haw, kids!

1. I confess that I am ridiculously in love with Game of Thrones. Stephen and I started the earlier this week and are already nearly finished with season one. It actually seems more like a series of mini-movies rather than TV episodes. And it kind of makes me want to take up jousting or Renaissance fairs.

2. I confess that I'm on the verge of shanking our neighbor. He is still continuing to have his lawn mowed at unreasonably early hours (like 7 a.m.) on the weekends. Last weekend was the final straw, when at 7:15 a.m. we were awakened to the sound of a weed eater. ON SUNDAY MORNING. If it wasn't Jesus' day, boy would've gotten a black eye.

3. I confess that I'm really excited for the return of True Blood next month. I love the ridiculous plot lines, the over-the-top characters and the Eric. In fact, The Eric is the main reason to tune in to that show. Yowza.

4. I confess that I'd like to move up North for the summer. Like maybe Minnesota or Canada? Somewhere with less humidity. Any Yankees want a roomie for the summer?

5. I confess that I'm currently obsessed with Cheeze-Its. Breakfast, lunch and dinns, y'all. It's a dangerous addiction, really. Do y'all ever get cravings for certain foods and just eat the heck out of them for weeks on end? I do.

6. I confess that I heard Justin Timberlake is going to be the emcee for the 2012 Walmart Shareholders' Meeting. Of course this is purely a rumor, but if it's true, I may just go camp out at our local airport ; ) (We live in Northwest Arkansas, which is home to Walmart.)

7. I confess that I've done a really bad job with checking my email this week. So if you've sent something to me and are starting to think that I've forgotten you, don't worry. I haven't. I'm just as slow as Christmas checking my blog email.

So not that many scandalous confessions this week (or ever), but at least it's something to leave us with for the weekend. Have a great three day weekend.

Wear a presh dress. Eat some good food. Sleep in. Make it count.
Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I LOVE Game of Thrones too! I've been left hanging every Sunday and hate it, you will be glad to be able to watch them all at once! I think it's hilarious that I love such a "man" show

    I've just started reading the books and they are excellent too!!

  2. Hi Leslie!

    I have to confess that I am freaking excited for my upcoming trip to NYC and because of this I got spray tan to look fabulous in the photos! lol
    (girl, you inspired me when I saw your result in the pictures of Crystal Bridge and I loved it! lol)

    Have a wonderful weekend!



  3. My husband got me started on 'Game of Thrones' too. I didn't think I would like it, but ended up loving it! So good! And I am totally with you on the humidity. Bleh. It's bad here in GA too. I'm all for a Canada trip. Let's go!:)

  4. Ok so I seriously just laughed out loud when you said you wanted to shank your neighbor! LOL. I also love Thrones (so need to catch up on this season) and am dying for True Blood to start! One of my fav shows ever!!!

  5. Hate to break it, but Minnesota is definitely not lacking in humidity. It's insanely humid during the summer. However, if you want warmth without humidity, I suggest San Diego. Summers are always warm and the air is dry, dry, dry. :-) Though, being Minnesota native, I would suggest visiting just for the sake of how amazing it is ;-)

  6. Love this! I read the game of thrones books and loved them but haven't ever watched the show! I need to get on that. :) At least your neighbor mows his lawn, I suppose. We have some people next door that have a jungle right now. It's ridiculous and I'm pretty sure it's bringing ticks and snakes into our yard... Ick.

  7. come stay with me in Canada at any time.

  8. Just to let ya know-Minnesota is actually insanely humid in the summer. "it's not the heat, it's the humidity" is pretty much a pick up line up here.

  9. I totally agree with the Emily above about Minnesota. I have lived in Minnesota my entire life, and the humidity here can be horrendous! Of course, probably not as bad as in the south...but we have already had plenty of high humidity days in April and May this year. San Diego is much more of a relief in the summer. But - Minnesota is pretty great with all of our lakes, so I recommend you visit anyway!

  10. I am so gonna appropriate your line about shanking your neighbour - I choked on my coffee! Hilariously unexpected!

  11. I hear you about the neighbor thing. There was a point, just a few weeks ago, when he would constantly (as in, almost every other day) be mowing his lawn at 9 - 10 at NIGHT! I mean, can he even see it?!

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  12. J Timerlake at the Shareholder's Meeting? I'll be camping right there with ya! Haha!

  13. I really like GofT too, but I *confess* that I watch the episodes like 3 times each because I get distracted and stop paying attention and then have no idea what's going on. I like my attention span to that of a small child, really...
    And True Blood?? I like me some Alcide AND some Eric. Happy Friday!

  14. You mean you don't love the humidity of the lovely Midwest!? Lol I feel the same!! I get all pretty in the morning and then walk out the door and I swear my makeup disappears and my hair goes nuts. Drives me nuts!!

  15. I am really excited about True Blood as well!

    I have a rather odd request, and you may have already posted about this but when you get time maybe you might want to share with all of us Southern Girls how you rock such smooth hair minimal frizz!

    I just chopped off a lot of hair so it's not getting weighted down like it used to and the frizz monsters are out in full effect!

    Happy weekend! ox

  16. 7:00 am mowers would drive me NUTS! We have 9 am mowers, but 7 is ridiculous!
    Thank you Leslie for stopping by my blog! It was so sweet of you to leave a comment AND follow! WOW! Have a beautiful weekend hon!

  17. I'm dying at Syndal's comment! It's so true...'it's not the heat, it's the humidity' is uttered too many times to count up here in Minnesota during the summer. And in the winter, it changes to, 'it's not the cold, it's the snow I can't stand.'

  18. Canada gets humid too, hate to break. You want the mountains. I lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and there is zero humidity there. Ever. It is the most perfect weather you will find. Except in the winter. Then it's just all snow, all the time.

  19. im in georgia, and feel ya on the humidity! i could definitely use a break from it this summer.

    as for justin timberlake. he was just in my town filming a movie... and they wouldn't let anyone be on the same block as him. it was a bit ridiculous.

  20. did i ever tell you i danced on stage with justin timberlake? yep. totally happened to me. and i would still stalk him anywhere to this day ;)
    oh, and i love cheez-its, too. until i eat too many of them and then i want nothing to do with them for months.

  21. our neighbor has a tendency to do that too! he makes a lot of noise early in the morning and on weekends, no less! grrrr, makes me mad just thinking about it now, haha. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  22. You can come and stay with me in Northern Canada any time...but I warn you - the forecast for the next few days is 5 degrees overnight and 15 during the day ( I don't know how to translate but it's COLD)!!!! I am dying for some southern heat :)

  23. So, have you actually TALKED to your neighbor? Or are you using the I-hope-he's-reading-my-mind approach? Just sayin'.

  24. Cac81 - Yes, we have. He's the POA president who set the "no mowing before 9 a.m." policy. Apparently it doesn't apply to him. It's rude. Just sayin'.

  25. Sometimes people can't control when they get mowed. My lawn company showed up at 8 on a Saturday to mow this week! I felt bad, but there really wasn't anything I could do since it had been raining all week, my appointment got pushed back and that's when they showed up! Although if there is a policy, maybe he could ask his lawn company to make an exception for him and come later?


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