Awkward Fashion Problems - Solved (!)

I was racking my brain for blog post ideas last weekend when it came to me: Why not do a post about awkward fashion problems? You know, those little dilemmas that leave you guessing, "How the haystacks am I supposed to wear (INSERT ITEM OF CLOTHING)?"

Here are a few that I thought might be of some use to y'all this summer. Enjoy.

How do I rock a pair of white pants without showing my fanny to the entire world?

White pants are tricky. Honestly, I have two approaches. If you're wearing white jeans, try a nude or light tan cheeky-style undie. I like these from V.S., but Target also sells similar styles. If you're wearing trousers or dress slacks, (which are just beautiful in white), try Spanx sans undies. I know the idea of skipping underoos and just opting for the Spanx may seem scary, but  trust me, no one will know. It works.

Or worx.

How do I wear a backless or cut-out dress with a bra?

Okay girls, you might have to spend a little bit of dough on this one, but hear me out. Our friends at V.S. sell this amazing bra that can be worn 20,901 ways. Or 7 ways. Whatevs.

You don't have to be afraid of sporting a low-back dress, like this cutie from Urban Outfitters

It can be worn with even the lowest of frocks, for girls with "ample" chests or semi-non-existent ones, (like moi.)

I want to wear cute running shorts, but they keep riding up. So. Not. Cute. What gives?

Finding shorts that will stay put can be a bit of a challenge. I mean, let's be honest, wedgies aren't exactly chic. I like the New Balance brand of athletic short, found here. They have a lining built in to them, (kind of like a swimsuit bottom), which keeps them from riding up.

How do I wear a maxi dress without it looking like a moo-moo or maternity dress?

Okay, first thing's first...they aren't for everyone. And if you feel uncomfortable, my advice would be to just avoid it and move on to other styles. But if you're hankering for a boho look this summer. make sure to heed the following:

1) Use a skinny belt around the narrowest part of your waist to break up a flowy, unstructured maxi dress. This gives you the appearance of a waist and lets your body shape shine through.

2) Look for cuts that hug the chest and torso above the waist. This creates a nice A-line silhouette.

Ahhh, Halston. 
3) Keep it funky, but still chic. Nothing screams "I'm trying to channel my innermost Kate Hudson" quite like a maxi dress, rope sandals and feather earrings. Pair your maxi with fun colorblocked earrings, bold statement necklaces and gladiator sandals. This keeps it modern and helps steer it away from the dreaded "flower child" look.

I love this one by Oasis, the Chiffon Pleat Maxi.

 I spray tanned. It looks good, but my hands and feet resemble those of an Oompa Loompa. Now what?

Magic Eraser, my friend. These are sold at Walmart, Dollar General, Target, Walgreen's, etc. and pack a powerful stain removing punch, even on skin. Just dampen one and scrub on any overly tanned areas and watch your uneven color vanish...just like....wait for it...magic.

I had to.

I'm off to my real job now. Y'all have a peachy day.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I had no idea about magic erasers, I will be giving this a try soon I am sure. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I could have used the Magic Eraser tip one time in college when I got airbrushed but a chick who did not have a clue what she was doing! OHHH orange palms...

  3. Magic Erasers? Never knew that. This is a great post!

  4. NIce tips! I'm a firm believer in Spanx under white myself!

  5. magic eraser is so good to know!

  6. Running skirts are a great option for avoiding ride up.

  7. Great advice, I desperately need a Magic Eraser now.

  8. Great post! I definitely learned some things here! Thanks for the advice!


  9. I'm cracking up over the magic eraser! Never woulda guessed that one! Definitely needed the tips on the maxi dress too!!!

  10. These are great ideas! I used to spray tan and definitely looked like I belonged on Fraggle Rock. I think I'll have to give the magic eraser a go next time.


  11. Magic Erasers have been rumored to cause chemical burns... not sure if it's true, but i'd be careful regardless. Also, you said you were racking your brain for a post idea... you said a few weeks back something about your house being haunted and that you'd post about that. I'm dying to hear about it b/c i had a similar experience and i've been anxiously awaiting a post!!! thanks!

  12. Gotta love a spray tan. Have you tried airbrush?

  13. Magic Erasers are well... MAGIC! I never thought about using them for palms etc. Great to know. Thank you. Next time the self tanner goes on too heavy on dry bits i will try this! ox


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