Mad Queens and Highlights and Red Wine...Oh My!

We didn’t do a ton of exciting things this weekend, but I’ll fill you in nevertheless:

First of all, thanks a lot for your thoughts and prayers for my uncle and aunt on Friday. They are both doing well and so far his new kidney is working perfectly. They moved him out of ICU on Sunday and he’s doing great!

Friday night we saw the new Snow White and the Seven Huntsman flick. I’m usually not a big Kristen Stewart fan, but I thought she was well-cast for this role. Sorry Snow White, but no one is as fair as Queen Charlize though…good Lord, that woman is beautiful.

Saturday, I got some new highlights and lowlights for summer. As always, Jennifer did an amazing job. Naturally, I snapped a pic for y’all.

Last night was the premiere of True Blood, which excited Stephen and I to no end. This is one of our top three favorite shows, and if last night was any indication of how good it’s gonna be this season, it may quickly slide into our #1 spot. Alcide, Sookie, Eric and Pam…it’s just too much. Love some Louisiana vamps and werewolves! (By the way, did you know that TB’s author is from Arkansas? That’s your fun fact of the day.)

For all you winos out there, I discovered a new merlot this weekend. (How pretentious does that sound? Makes me want to kick my own rear.) Anywhoodle, I’m usually a fan of merlot, (much more of a pinot noir or chianti girl), but this stuff is fan-smashtic. Duckhorn Napa Merlot is excellent and not dry at all. We enjoyed a glass at Fred’s Hickory Inn this weekend, our favorite haunt on Saturday nights.

I know this post is terribly riveting, so to keep you all from collapsing with excitement, I’ll stop.

You can thank me later.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Totally agree with you about Charlize, she was the key to that movie and I die for her outfits! Also a huge fan of True Blood, they definitely threw a lot out there for the 1st episode. Do you watch Girls on HBO, I caught up on all of the episodes this weekend and that show is hilarious!

  2. your hair looks amazing! I am a merlot lover as well - I need to try this one! :)

  3. Your hair is cute! And I love True Blood also.

  4. I've never had HBO...until moving in with Eric. Last night, I almost started watching True Blood from the first season. I think that's going to be a summer project. :) Loving your hair btw!

  5. Ummm can we talk about the red top you have on with the pic of your new highlights?!? Picture please! Is that the red top you were lusting after for so long?

    -Lindsay @

  6. We saw that movie this weekend too and really enjoyed it. Love Charlize Theron. And love, love, love Chris Hemsworth. Even my husband doesn't seem to mind that Mr. Hemsworth is def my celebrity crush. Then, again, his is Charlize, so I guess we're even. Ha!:) Happy Monday!

  7. I want to see Snow White and Huntsman so bad! Your hair looks great!!!!

  8. Your hair looks great! You are so right about Charlize Theron as the queen...she's probably one of the prettiest people I've ever seen.

  9. Need to see that movie, I love Charlize :) thanks for the wine suggestion - I am always into finding a new vino! Loving the highlights, nothing makes a girl feel as good as getting our hair done :)

  10. I'll have to try your wine recommendation. I'm more of a cabernet girl myself. Thanks for the tip!

    P.S. CUTE hair!

  11. Love.Love.Love. Duckhorn wines--and their sister/brother company Paraduxx is one of my most favorite vineyards to visit (and play bags at!) Hope you're having a great week, and love the new highlight/lowlight combo! oxo


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