Eleven Month Anni + Pics!

Happy Friday, Blonde Ambitioners! I'm super jealous of those of you who are off work today...sadly, I am not : ( But, I'm making the best of it and trying to focus on that fact that I have a three day weekend. Woo and hoo!

Yesterday Stephen and I celebrated our 11 month anniversary. 11 months ago yesterday, we went on our first date here in Northwest Arkansas!

Last night we celebrated by getting all gussied up and going to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Abuelo's. We believe that special moments in life are to be celebrated with copious amounts of cheese dip and salsa : ) We ended the evening by playing with our furry son, Ari. We figured 11 months should be a family affair, haha.

We cracked up at this pic...he looks pitiful!

I know this is riveting stuff, but y'all gotta understand, I am so utterly grateful for the turn my life has taken in such a short time.

(I treat this blog like a personal journal, so I'm going to get a little deep and sappy....feel free to skim down to the pics, haha)

I never knew one's life could change so drastically in only 11 months, but I'm living proof that it can. In fact, I was thinking of where I was at this time last year. I was actually headed to Memphis with a friend for a fun girls' weekend. We did have a great time, but I remember thinking of how much I would love to have a special someone to watch the fireworks with the next year.

Well, I guess God decided it was time to send a fireworks watching companion my way. A mere 15 days later on July 15, 2010, I learned of S's existence and he of mine. On July 30, we went on our first date.

My life has never been the same since.

This weekend we intend to take the boat out, eat some burgers and....watch some fireworks.


Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I love the sappy stuff.. it makes me smile :) I love your love story too!

  2. I love the sappy stuff.. it gives this single girl a bit of hope that things can change! And your pics- adorable. I think you should do a post with your makeup tricks, that eyeshadow looks fabulous!

  3. Sappy stuff makes my heart melt!! Congratulations on 11 months and all of the major events headed your way!

    Where did you get the leopard cuff from?? It is too cute!

  4. I love reading this kind of stuff...gives me hope that this time next year I'll have someone special to watch fireworks with :)

    So happy for you!!

  5. Yall are so presch! Enjoy your weekend together celebrating each other!

  6. I love this post :)

    Happy 11 months. It's amazing how life can change in an instant! Enjoy the fireworks!

  7. I can totally relate. I have a very similar story to yours. We got married on September 18, 2011. I was just telling him last night how I feel like I always say this but I never want to take for granted how blessed I am. I give thanks to God constantly. God is so good and His plan was so much better than anything we had planned! Enjoy your long weekend!

  8. So sweet! It's amazing how quickly life can change! :)

    I love your hair in the pictures...gorgeous!

  9. Happy 11 month anniversary! I love you blog. I am with you on how quick life can change, this time last year, I was waiting for my "soon to be husband" to come home from Afghanistan, now i'm married and living in Germany.

  10. How sweet! Happy 11 month anniversary! It is crazy to think back and see how much everything as changed! You look beautiful & I love your puppy dog!!

  11. Aw, this is such a sweet post! :)

  12. You look fantastic! And I feel the same way! I met and marrie my husband in less than 5 months! I went from crying myself to sleep to having a loving husband and beautiful daughter. God is good!

  13. Happy Anniversary!!

    You look gorgeous!!! Great pics!! And I love your dog..hehe!!

    Have a great holiday weekend!!

    XOXO, CC


  14. Congrats and enjoy! How sweet it is. My husband has totally changed my life too. I totally get you on this post.

  15. i got goosebumps when i read those last two paragraphs. i'm so glad you both found each other because you are precious together.

    have a lovely long weekend.

  16. that makes me smile too! it is amazing when you finally find the one to share the fireworks and other special times with. Have a wonderful fourth together. Congratulations!

  17. Happy Anniversary to my favorite love birds!

  18. happy anniversary! you two are very lucky to have found each other

  19. So happy for you! God has truly worked in your life this past year and brought you such a handsome feller! Ya'll are such a cute couple and happy 11 months and many more to come! Enjoy every minute b/c before you know it 10 years will have passed.....
    Have a great 4th with your honey!
    xoxo Becky

  20. Such a lovely story, sweetie. So happy for you!


  21. Aww that is such a sweet story - so glad you are so happy and what cute pictures! I love the way you styled your hair.

  22. I love this! I think we need to hear the story of your first date! :)

  23. ok so i love the sappy! :) this post made me tear up a bit, as i'm in that same "wish i had a special someone" boat. thanks for your encouragement...so happy for you that your dreams are coming true, and so encouraged by your words.
    love your blog and SO excited about the hair poofing!




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