Arm Parties and Ink On My Face

1. My current favorite obsession is the Arm Party. See Exhibit A below:

I can’t get enough of the bangles lately. Oodles and oodles of bangles….bwhahahaha! (That’s my evil laugh.)

Go ahead…throw yourself an Arm Party.

2. A few of you peeps have asked about my jeans- what style I wear, brand, etc. Here, my dears, is your answer:

-Joe’s Jeans, Muse style (bootcut)

-Seven for All Mankind, Kaylie style(bootcut)

-Genetic Denim, Shane Skinny Faux Front (skinny)

I know what you’re all thinking. “Man Leslie, you look way better than that model with her 18 inch waist and perfectly tan tummy!”

I know, but I try to stay humble.

I’m sort of a jeans snob. If they’re cheaply made, I don’t touch ‘em. When it comes to denim, you ABSOLUTELY get what you pay for. I recently got rid of a pair of Citizens that I’ve owned since my SOPHOMORE year of college. They lasted forevs.

If it’s not one of those three brands above, I’m probably wearing a dress : )

3. Y’all.

My wedding diet has completely derailed over the course of the past week. Yikes-a-be! Mexican food, ice cream and pizza…oh my! Thankfully, my eating like a ravenous dog has only lasted the past 7 days or so, but MY WORD…I have got to get back on track.

I blame Aunt Flow and her awful, awful hormones and cravings that she brings me on the very last week of every month.

4. Would anybody that lives up North, possibly Canada, be willing to let me move in with them for the remainder of the summer? I’m a great houseguest and excellent shopping buddy and I’ll even pay rent. Because OH MY FREAKING GRACIOUS this heat is killing me. I’m so over Arkansas and it’s blistering summers, despite having lived here my entire life. I seriously cannot remember one quite as hot as we’re having right now.

My buddy Eunice and I went to Sonic for a drink break yesterday and the thermometer at the bank said 105. 105!!!!

Mother Nature, please, please give us some relief. If for no other reason, just so the guy below can be a little cooler during the day. His massive amount of fur is going to cause him to have a heat stroke.

5. I went three-fourths of my workday yesterday with a pen mark half-way down the side of my face.

Dunno when I got it, but I noticed it in the bathroom around 4:59 p.m. at work.

I thought the mailroom guy was staring at me because he thought I was hot.

In retrospect, he was staring at me because I had a ginormous streak of ink down the left side of my face.

I’m cool. Let this remind you all of that.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I was just home to Canada, Alberta actually, and let me tell you it was an amazing relief from this heat. I actually had to wear a jacket outside the one day. p.s. I had to do a double take when I first read your blog title because I thought it said arm panties. I was like what in the world. Happy Thursday!

  2. I also thought your blog title said arm panties at first, lol. I live in Manitoba, your welcome to come stay with me for the summer, but I warn you it's hot and humid here too...unbareably so. I'm getting married in August though, we could have a lot of fun!

  3. I don't live that far north and it's been hot here, but you'd totally be the best shopping partner ever so you can stay with me anytime! (selfish reasons of course.)

  4. I've been having arm parties lately too. Mine were inspired by Emily Maynard. I loved all of her bracelets she always wore & I have a ton so I decided to start pairing them up. Lovin it!

    And don't kid yourself, mail guy was totally checking you out cause you're so gorgeous :)


  5. I love your arm party (and your gorgeous ring!) I am totally a sucker for Mexican food too..I think I could eat it everyday and not get tired of it (I'd just be the size of a house, but what does that matter?!) :)

  6. I'm originally from Canada. We've got a quaint little farmhouse up there I can let you borrow.

  7. Love your arm party and your comment about Mexican food! :)

  8. I'm a jeans snob too. That is one thing I absolutely refuse to ever cheap out on.

    And yes, this Arkansas heat is terrible! So ready for fall aka November. We're getting close to pumpkin spice latte season though!

  9. Oh girly! I once had pink highlighter all over my face. Not sure when it happened but I left work, mind you I work Downtown Minneapolis so I had to cross 2 busy streets to get to my parking lot. People were doing all sorts of long stares. I got in my car and glanced in the mirror and saw it. Ha, ha! Not to mention all the people I said bye to walking out of my building. Ahhh!

  10. Cute blog! Glad I found it...from one blonde to another :)


  11. Hahaha! You are TOO funny!

    And thanks for the recommendations on the jeans - I really do need to invest!

  12. Everything you write in all of your blogs makes me laugh because you are the Arkansas version of me. Love it!

  13. It was GORGEOUS here in good ole Central WI yesterday :) I believe when I went to lunch it was between 65 and 70. The humidity is killing us today but it's definitely not 105.

  14. After reading this post, I started a little arm party of my own. Haven't worn bangles in forever, so thank you for reminding me of their existence!
    You are very welcome to come visit me in Germany, there is no humidity, and it hasn't been more than 70 or 75 in quite a while. You only have to promise to blog a lot, because I love reading your posts!

  15. Ha! You are welcome in Oregon anytime. I am so disappointed in the weather here this summer. It has only been over 80 degrees like twice! :(

  16. Agree 110% on the jeans, I've had really good luck finding my favorite 7FAMs at Nordstrom Rack too!

    I leave for school in Alabama in less than a week and I'm less than excited to leave my nice dry climate for humidity.

  17. I'm right there with ya on the jeans snob thing!!! I'm particular about my jeans and the way they fit!!! I'm a denim whore really..lol!!! I've wanted to start designing my own denim line because I get so annoyed at the way some companies make their jeans!!

    I've also been dealing with cravings and so on, Aunt Flow has been here for a few days and I've already put on 2lbs..lol!!! trying hard not to get depressed..lol!!

    I always love reading your posts and how candid you are you remind me of myself ;)

    Have a great day gorgeous!!

    XOXO, CC



  18. I'm an American living in Canada....stay there!! It's hotter than all heck up here, and frankly, I can't wait to get back south (Tennessee). BT-dubs there's no Sonic up here.

  19. I just love your engagement ring and that cute dark green dress you're wearing, so gorgeous, I want it!! XXX

  20. where is the cheetah print bangle from?? i love it!!

  21. You are adorable! Come to Washington, Summer doesn't exsist here!


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