My New Cut-Out Dress + Randoms

It’s Friday…let’s get our random on!

1) I’m positively over the moon, in love with this dress I got Wednesday from Maude Boutique! This is the first cut-out dress I've bought this summer and I LOVE it! The length is short (about 3 inches above my knee) so it's definitely a going-out-on-a-date-with-the-boy dress : )

In case y’all aren’t familiar with their fabulousness, they are a local Fayetteville, AR boutique that specializes in trendy clothing for us girls in our twenties and thirties! They carry the latest styles and brands and have the BEST staff ever. Even if you don’t live in AR, you can still shop via their FB page. Just leave them a comment on items you like and they’ll reserve and ship it to you!


They’ve been such a phenomenal supporter of the blog and I’m more than game to spread the word about this Arkansas gem…check out Maude now!

2) Can I vent for a sec? I’m sick and tired of hearing about how as soon as Stephen and I get married that we’re going to “let ourselves go”. Example, a lady in the break room at work yesterday,

Random lady: “How’s the wedding planning going?”

Me: “It’s great! We’re almost ready! Just finalizing details.”

(Out of left field, as she’s looking me up and down…)

Random lady: “You two better take a good, long look at each other now because you’ll never see each other look this way again. It’s all downhill after marriage in terms of looks.”

Me: “We’ll see.”

Let me go on the record saying, I fully intend to wear make-up, shower, fix my hair, wear cute clothes and brush my teeth after we are wed. Heck, I may even rock some sexy lingerie from time to time. (Woah Leslie, slow down there…)

I don’t anticipate gaining 1,000 pounds or becoming unrecognizable to my husband. I realize that things change, gravity takes a toll and babies do their wear and tear on your body, but I intend to make every effort to ensure that I look my best for my husband in each season of life.

I realize that I won’t always wear a size 2 or that my boobs won’t always, ahem, “stand at attention.” I realize that if we have kiddos, my rear may temporarily become the size of a washing machine.

We are realistic. We realize things change physically. It’s our spiritual and emotional connection that will take us to a 50th anniversary; not the size of our waistlines.

But MY WORD, is it a crime to at least TRY to look nice for your spouse? I don’t think so.

It’s funny, when I’ve asked southern elderly women what their best marital advice is, many tell me, “Always try to look nice for your husband” or “Even if you don’t have on a full face of make-up, swipe some lipstick on before he gets home.”

Truer words have never been spoken, in my opinion. As anti-feminist as it may seem, I think that’s great and REAL advice.

My fiancé is attracted to me now and I’d like to keep him being attracted to me for the rest of our lives. I intend to work hard at it.

If that’s a sin, you better call this girl a preacher.

Rant over.

3) Any predictions for who will win The Bachelorette? I’m putting all my chips on J.P. I think Constantine is going home Monday. I think she’ll waver back and forth about Ben, but ultimately she go with J.P. from New Yawk City.

4) I have eaten enough Mexican food during the past two weeks that I may turn into a walking chimichanga very soon. I’m retaining enough fluid from all the salt I’ve consumed that I feel like I may burst at any given moment. Tell me, what is it about queso, chips, salsa and fried tortillas that are so yummy and addictive?

In fact, we’ve eaten so much Mexican food lately, that our waiter Chris (yes, we have our own regular waiter) at Abuelo’s (our fav local place) brought us a gigantic complimentary dessert the other night for being “such loyal patrons.”

This was both embarrassing and awesome.

Y’all have a great weekend. Be happy, be safe and most importantly…

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I love love love mexican food. I could seriously eat it for every meal... well maybe. Super cute dress, I might just have to go look Maude up on FB now :)

  2. Okay... so I'm almost positive I saw you two at abuelos the other night. I wasn't sure... and I was in a post-workout//work mindset//I'm exhausted kind of mode so I didn't want to make a big deal. Next time I just might interrupt your dinner and introduce myself!

  3. I completely agree with you and the advice that the elderly lady gave...always at least attempt to look nice for your man! I know MANY of my female friends don't shave their legs, skip showers and well run around in comfy clothes around their men bec they say "he loves me for me" blah blah. Excuses! LOL

    I shave my legs every day and I can honestly say my man TRULY notices and appreciates it! now that I have overwhelmed you with details..

    Your dress is super cute on you! Thanks for sharing the link!

  4. I love the advice from the elderly lady!! So true and southern. And don't you worry about what everyone else says. My husband and I will be married 2 years on Monday and we are in better shape now than we were when we got married. Crazies!!

  5. First of all, I think you're adorable. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog but I've been reading for a few months. I couldn't agree with you more about dressing up for your man. I've been married 5 1/2 years and I still make it a point to have my hair and make up done, heels on and a fance outfit most of the time. I think it's important to look good for your man and yourself.

    And, JP'sgot to win - she's over the moon for him. I hope that means Ben will be the next Bachelor because he's adorable.


  6. Love your rant. I'm not married or engaged, heck let's be real- I'm totally single, but as a Southern girl my Momma made it clear years ago that a woman should take care of her looks both for herself and her man. Maybe it's just a Southern thing?
    And that dress is super adorable!

  7. It will never cease to amaze me how ppl honestly think that they have the right to broadcast their pearls of wisdom to soon to be married couples. And in reality, those are not pearls of wisdom, they're just crap.

    I stand with you in that rant. It's so annoying.

    I haven't watched the past few episodes of the bachlorette but I am team J.P. all the way. He's a doll.

    And if you turn into a chimichanga, please take a picture and blog about it :)

  8. I am with you- I will never stop taking pride in how I look, no matter how long I've been married. I read a book right before I got married, For Women Only, (which I highly recommend) and it was very insightful on how men think- epecially about women, fitness, and appearances.

    Love the new dress, too cute!

  9. Such great advice from the elderly lady! love it! and am right there with you on the Mexican food- it's a true addiction!

  10. That is definitely great advice! My mom gave me the advice of go to bed looking your best. Don't have to wear makeup, but wear pretty pajamas and feel good every time you close your eyes as your husband will feel the same way. To this day, I wear matching pj's and I NEVER wear a tshirt or my husband's boxers to bed. :)

  11. i completely disagree with the letting yourself go statements from everyone- its so annoying, right?! ive been married for about a year and a half and i can tell you that not only have my husband and i NOT let ourselves go- we have lost weight and in my opinion, look BETTER than we did before we got married. (while i realize its only been a short time, i intent to put the effort in long-term as well).

    i agree with your predictions for the bachelorette.... well, i vote JP anyways, i think its definitely between him and ben!

  12. I love your rant on here! Marriage does change things and yes I have gained weight this year, but it is okay. In Nigeria, having meat on your bones means you are happy and wealthy because you can afford to buy food-so don't freak if you gain 1o lbs. It is okay! It is def. not a crime to look cute and beautiful for your husband and to strive to stay a certain way. Besides, random people telling you that...who does that? Some people are so rude!

  13. I can't get over what that lady said to you.. how ridiculous! Anyhow, I just can't figure out who Ashley is going to choose.. It seemed like she really enjoyed herself with JP, I felt like it was a little awkward with Ben's family - did anyone else think his sister & mother were a little snobby & unpleasant? I understand their situation with his father massing away but sheeesh they were so cold! If I were the Bachelorette I would choose Constantine bc he is so secure with himself, is close with his family, and umm he is such a gorgeous man!!!
    Just my two cents :]


  14. I love your blog! I'm a new reader! anyway- my 2 cnts- yes JP! I love him. I hope he wins- and think he does! and in regards to letting yourselves go? she's bitter. LOL. Anyway- one goal of mine was to be able to fit into my wedding dress every year! we just had our 4 year anniversary and you better believe I pranced around in it. Pics on my blog if you want to check them out. :)


  15. Totally agree with you on point 2! Now, I'm a big girl, so the size two thing isn't part of it, but I totally think I should make an effort for my boyfriend - even if it's just putting a brush through my hair, slicking on some gloss and spritzing some scent, I know he appreciates the little efforts.


  16. I have a thing about eating WAY too much mexican myself. anddd.. you show those ladies that you've got it going on. Don't listen to them!

  17. Some people can be so rude! Yes some things change in marriage but I don't ever want to stop looking good for my husband. I think I am in better shape now than on our wedding day!

    I am hoping JP wins! He is so sweet and handsome!

  18. LOL I love this post! And I'll give ya an amen regarding the looking the best your husband, always. I don't know if maybe it's a southern thing with us girls, but marriage is not any reason to let yourself go. I don't care if others think I'm "high maintenance", I want my husband to be attracted to me always so I'll do what I can to assist in any way, shape or form. I think most of it is just laziness anyways. Sorry for the rant - have a great weekend! XOXO

  19. New follower, how have I not found your blog sooner!
    I couldn't agree with you more... I will never let myself go!!! I don't know what I would do with all that time anyway.

  20. i know one of those chicks in the maude ad!! small world.

    & seriously some people have no tact. who says that?

    i plan on wearing makeup till the day i die..and even in my coffin i'll be wearing makeup!

  21. love your blog, new follower! you and your fiance look so presh together :)

  22. New follower and wanted to say I love that dress and the cut out on the side! It looks great on you!

    I don't know how some people just let themselves go. It's fun to dress up and be girly and it's always nice to feel good! What would we do if we weren't able to shop for new outfits and do our hair pretty some days?

  23. I say, "flaunt it while ya got it, girlfriend". So cute on you. :)

  24. I love cut-out dresses too - I have my eye on a few for end of summer & fall!


  25. love your blog, love that dress, loved your venting session! I'm going to check out that boutique.

  26. I love that store!! Such cute pieces...I've already liked them on FB and asked about the black and white striped dress. Adorable! Thanks for sharing :)

    I totally think JP will win too. Can't wait to find out!

  27. I love your cut out dress - it's just gorgeous and you look so pretty!

    I can't believe all of the negative comments about you both gaining weight. I know so many couples that look just fab even in their later years (my mom and dad) included so don't pay them any mind! ;)

    I definitely think JP is going to win Ashley's heart - they have such good chemistry and hopefully that will turn into love. Ben is a sweetie though and it will be sad to see his heart broken.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  28. Totally agree on JP. I said that weeks ago and my best friend (we have Monday night girls nights to watch) swore up, down and sideways it was gonna be Ames. Too bad we didn't put money on that one!

    I am also so addicted to Mexican as of late. I think it's because I'm home (NM) and I'm getting all the good stuff I can while I'm here, because nothing out at school (AL) seems to measure up!

  29. I totally agree about "letting yourself go" after marriage. You go girl and keep rocking your good looks! :) People can be so negative and it's not helpful is it?

    Love Mexican food too!
    And love your blog!



  30. Gorgeous dress! Love this and the colours look SO pretty on you! XXX

  31. I love the dress! You look fantastic :)

  32. People say all kinds of ridiculous stuff.. For what reason, who knows? Before I married my husband, someone in our small town walmart stopped me and said "good luck with that one." I have never forgotten it and often racked my brain as to why someone would say that. She was younger than either of us, so no idea how she even knew who we were.. We've been together 10 years now :) And yes I believe it's easy to get caught up in something but you've always cared about your health, that will never leave you. I wandered away from the health scene after marriage but quickly returned there and lost the "happy weight."

  33. I LOVE your rant about looking good for your man! I hated when people would tell us we were going to "let ourselves go" after the wedding!! Like suddenly our love of being active and working out together was just going to suddenly go away with a ring on the finger!? Sheesh...I love lookin' good for him and we still like being active :)

    I could definitely eat Mexican two or three times a week and if it weren't for all that salt, I probably would! Haha

    Love your blog!


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