After the Poof: {Your Questions Answered}

I hope y’all enjoyed the poofy ponytail tutorial yesterday! I really enjoyed recording the video and would LOVE to do more of these. I feel like I can recreate hairstyles so much better when I watch someone do it versus reading it step by step, so that’s why I did it!

I got a few follow-up questions via email and Twitter yesterday, which I’ll tackle here:

-What kind of brush did you use to tease your hair and where can I find it? That brush is called the Centrix Sculpting Brush 390 and you can get it here for $6.49! It is THE BEST for creating massive poofs.

-Did you use the rat tail comb in the video? I actually didn’t use it, because I did a BIG poofy ponytail. The rat tail can be used the same way as the Centrix brush to create a more subtle (read: less massive) poof. I change it up depending on what mood I’m in. Tough days call for big poofs.

-Did you say you had a style for shorter haired girls? I do! And it’s poofy and awesome, too! I’ll be recording that demo this weekend and plan to show it next Thursday! Even girls with longer hair can rock it too, so you don’t want to miss it!

-Do you really carry hairspray in your purse?!- Yup. See Exhibit A, below.

-Could I use a Bump It to make my poof like that? Sure, you can wear a Bump It. Or a soup can or a tennis ball or a 5 pound bag of sugar. But you may want to avoid going out in public. Your best bet is to stick with things that don’t require wearing hard plastic arch thingys in your hair. Best to stick with a teasing comb, my friends.

-Will you do a make-up tutorial? Short answer, YES! Make-up is also my passion and I’d love to share my tips and tricks with y’all! I’m no expert, but I have a pretty solid routine that works for me. Warning: I’m NOT one of those girls who throws on lipgloss and goes. I wear it all; foundation, powder, bronzer, eyeliner and more, so I’ve picked up quite a few tricks over the years.

So yeah, if you ladies have any other tutorials you’d like to see, let me know. Or if you’d like me to turn the camera off and stick to just writing posts, I’d appreciate your honesty too : )

Again, this was SO much fun and I dearly loved hearing your thoughts, feedback and comments. I love you all to the moon and back!

If you have a picture of your perfect poofy ponytail (or really any poof in general) please send them to askblondeambition{at}gmail{dot}com and I'll post them on the new Poofy Hall of Fame. I'm starting a new page to feature awesome poofers and I'd LOVE to get some pics from y'all!

Like everything else in life, there are a couple simple rules though:

1) Please don't send me nudie pics. Not only will I not post them, but I'll be completely icked out. I love y'all to bits, but I don't really wanna see everything the good Lord gave ya.

2) The photo must clearly show off your poof!

That's it, simple enough, right? Thought so. Alright, get to poofing and send some pics!

Oh, and happy weekend.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I'll send ya some poofy hall o' fame pics ;)

  2. I'm not good at hair OR makeup. Want to come do them for me? :)

    And nudie pics? Ha! Gross!

  3. Thanks to your video I was FINALLY able to wear a poofypony today!!! I had tried for months to get it but couldn't! I am in the process of growing my hair out but hate just a plain pony. And as a mother of an 19 month old some days just call for a pony! THANK YOU!!!

  4. Yay Jennifer!! So glad it worked out for you! I'm sure you look FAB! Send a pic and I'll put you on the Poofy Hall of Fame! : )

  5. I am a total tomboy so these tutorials are amazing! I did a poof today and loved it! :)


  6. I think my hair is too short, but I tried it anyway. It was a bit "stumpy", but I still rocked it! ha!

  7. I carry hairspray in my purse too! As well as a comb, lipstick, oil blotting pads (darn you oily skin), and anything else I need that day to keep primped :)

  8. Yes, please do a make up tutorial! I don't wear much but I feel like I never have it quite like it looks in the pictures. I'll give the poof a try and send you a picture!

  9. One more question for ya...right before the battery died and you were pulling the pieces up from the ponytail holder, it looked a little messy and undone. Once the video restarted, it looked like you had smoothed and evened out the pieces that you had pulled up.

    Do you mind explaining how you made it neat without messing the entire thing up? That's the hardest part for me! I end up getting frustrated and redoing the whole thing ten times, LOL!


  10. I was also wondering the same thing as Alyson! Also, how do you untangle your hair when you wash it out the next morning? It seems like it would be really hard to un-tease it!

    Thanks again for the tutorial, I am really looking forward to practicing the poof this weekend! :)


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