Weird Dreams and "Gretchen" Hair

Hey girls! Hope you all are having an ok Monday…mine is off to a pretty good start, so I can’t complain.

How was everybody’s weekend? Mine was a pretty standard summer weekend, save for the wedding planning that we did yesterday. It’s funny, some days I have these little mini freak outs about not getting everything done before September 17th, but when I really think about it, we have gotten most of the major stuff done. I’m a strong Type A personality though, so it’s in my nature to always be concerned with staying organized and getting things done.

Some randoms from the weekend:

- Does anyone else out there watch True Blood? If so, how do you feel about this season? I’ve got mixed feelings. I’m all about this whole witch plot with Lafayette, as that plotline is kind of classic True Blood. But this thing with Jason and the crazy girl and the panther den….yeah, I’m not sure about that. Plus I’m bummed that Eric has lost his mind. Oh well, at least he’s still haute.

I realize if you don’t watch True Blood that all of that sounded like a bunch of hooey.

- I always have this recurring dream that it’s the final semester of college and somehow I’m coming up a credit short, preventing me from graduating. Like, somehow I’ve missed going to an entire class all semester. A class that I didn’t even know I was enrolled in. I wake up with my heart racing and sweating like a pig. Thoughts??

I should note, I have actually attended college and received a Bachelor's. So this dream is not only strange, but completely unnecessary.

-You may have noticed the new Sun Savvy Bloggers badge at the top of my page. Me and a bunch of other blogging gals have decided to sign a pledge to forego tanning forever. Y'all may remember that I just recently celebrated my one year NO TANNING anniversary! So proud of myself : ) Wanna do yourself a favor and tell skin cancer where to stick it? Go sign the pledge here and tell those cancer beds bye for good!

- I’m ten kinds of pumped for the final Harry Potter installment that comes out Friday! Both Stephen and I love us some Hogwarts. Any other Potter fans on the blog today that are excited for the big, final flick?

- I tried some new curls today and love ‘em! I think I’ll call this Ode to Gretchen, in honor of the Real Housewife Gretchen Rossi’s similar head of hair.

- I’ve gotten a zillion tweets from you ladies showing off your poofy ponytails and frankly, that is just dandy! If you feel like you’d want to be featured on the Blonde Ambition Poofy Wall of Fame, email your poof pic to askblondeambition{at}gmail{dot}com and include the subject line “I’m Poofy” or “Here’s My Poof!” of “Put Me on Your Wall of Fame!” or something to that effect.

I’m off to conquer Monday. Y’all have a pleasant day.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Have a great Monday! If an when I've enough hair, I'm so trying a poof!


  2. Love the hair! It makes me sad that mine is SO short, I can't do anything with it. And you're not the only one excited about Harry Potter.. I can't wait to see it!

  3. You look so cute! Happy Monday!

  4. omg i CANNOT wait for the new harry potter, i love me some hogwarts, too. and ron weasley..

    love the hair it looks amazing. got some great volume going on.

  5. OMG...can I just say, that I am so happy to hear that someone else has the same crazy dream about missing a class and not graduating. I have that dream all the time. It's always a math class, which is weird because I didn't have a lot of math classes to take.

    I always wake up in a panic and have to go make I have my diploma.

    I have yet to figure out what this means, but when I do I will let you know : )

  6. First, your hair is adorable. Love the big curls. Oh, and I'm excited for Harry Potter too! As for True Blood, have you read the books? I did and they are similar, but not exactly the same. Eric loosing his memory turns out to be a good thing in my opinion! Enjoy your Monday!

  7. love the hair!

    I *love* True Blood. I'm also thrown by the panthers, though I was very happy to see Alcide again! Also, now that Jason's gone all catty- who will control Sheriff Dearborne and his addiction?? And I still don't know which side Bill Compton is on...hmm.

    Have a great Monday!

  8. I LOVE your curls! Please share how you did them :)

    ❀ Christine
    Living in the Moment

  9. did you read the books? this is my very favorite part with eric and his memory loss. trust: you will LOVE what happens next!!

  10. We gave up our HBO subscription so I'm going to have to wait FOREVER to watch this season. Reading this post though, I have a feeling they are *somewhat* sticking to the storyline from the books (which are amazing btw and just different enough from the show for BOTH to be enjoyable).

  11. I have that same awful dream all the time! I have skipped going to a class all semester and then can't graduate. I have had my degree for 6 years now so I don't know why I keep dreaming it either!

  12. So funny because I also have that reoccurring dream. I looked it up on dreammoods.com and here is the link, might be interesting to check out!

    "To dream that you forget to attend a class you signed up for, indicates your anxieties and fear of failing. You may also be lacking self-confidence in your ability to handle new responsibilities or projects. "

  13. Thanks for sharing Sun Savvy Bloggers! I joined and will be sharing my story soon. Love your blog and planning to try my poof this week. Hope it's a success!

    XOXO Magan

  14. love your gretchen hair :) and the sun savvy bloggers idea-it's so important for everyones health!

  15. I can completely relate to your dream, as it actually happened to me. True story.

  16. love the hair! very gretchen-esque :)
    but you do know you can't share a lovely new do like that and not let us in on how it was achieved. :)

  17. your hair looks fabulous!

    and about the dream... i took a psych class where we talked about the meaning of dreams... i often have a re-occuring dream about my teeth falling out (its the WORST- i wake up crying usually). turns out, its a common dream symbolizing my anxiety over something... and its true, bc im always super stressed about something when i have the dream.

    so i'd guess you're dream is similar- maybe something to do with you subconsciously stressing about for the wedding. its really interesting how the brain works.

  18. Love your curls...so cute!

    And it's totally normal to have minor freak outs leading up to the wedding, but everything WILL come together and it will be fabulous! :)

  19. oh my goodness! i have that same exact dream about missing a college class and not graduating; even though i graduated just fine, like you! it's always a math class that i didn't know i had all semester and decide to show up on the final day and it's too late. that's crazy :) i always wake up sweating and sick to my stomach!

    your hair looks stunning!

    have a fab day!

  20. The sun savy badge is such a great idea! I stopped tanning a while ago, an I really dont miss anything. But then again, I was never addicted to it, and I stopped sort of unconsciouly, so I guess its not a great accomplishment...

  21. okay, so #1. Yeah, True Blood is kinda freaking me out with the panther stuff... and Bill is annoying me big time.

    #2. I have that dream all. the. time. So serious. I graduated college 4 years ago with 2 majors and still have that dream! Sometimes I even have it for highschool. Even creepier!

  22. Leslie! How was I not following your blog before?!

    I love it! So now I'm a new follower :)

  23. I have that dream about hs all the time! Not college tho thank gawd! Me and my man candy love us some HP too! We watched 4 of the movies this past weekend ....NERD ALERT!

  24. I've been having a similar dream! I think it's a math class that I haven't gone to all year or something. Then I wake up horrified and have to remind myself that I have both a bachelor's and master's. Sheesh.

  25. I love me some poofy hair. I made myself a poofy pony a la Leslie while I was in San Francisco and got many compliments on it. So thanks! :)

    Love, love, LOVE True Blood!! SO glad it's back. I was definitely going through some withdrawal. I'm hoping the Eric situation follows the books, 'cause it just makes me happy. And I was thrilled to see Alcide back (YUM!), but not so much the Debbie.

    Now, interested in doing a tutorial on your Gretchen hair?? :)


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