My Pets Named Peeve

Angie Smith had a hilarious article on her blog recently about her biggest pet peeves and the comments that she got back from her readers were just priceless. I wanted to write a post today, kind of playing on that same concept,  a list of my biggest pet peeves and quirks, in hopes that y'all would make me feel better by sharing your pet peeves and quirks. See? Isn't it nice to have a safe space online where we can all come and tell our deepest, darkest secrets and embarassing stories and feel good knowing there are other people out there JUST LIKE US?!

I will preface this post by saying...

If you’re new to the blog, you will probably read this and think, “Sweet mercy, she’s crazy.”

If you’re not new to the blog, you will probably read this and think, “Sweet mercy, she’s crazy.”

It's a lose-lose.

Either way, I’m ok with the fact that this post probably will make me look somewhat like an obsessive compulsive nutjob.

Anything for a blog post, y'all.

So anywho, yesterday I pull through Sonic to get my usual medium vanilla diet coke fix. After I place my order, the cashier asks, "Would you care for a foot long chili cheese coney and tots with that?".

Um, no.

Don't get me wrong, I work in marketing. I appreciate and understand the art of the cross-sell.  But really? 12 inches of chili, cheese, hotdog and fried taters to cap off my DIET coke?

Sonic, you know I love y'all, but come on! Let a girl get her diet coke in peace and without the temptation of wrecking her wedding diet with a full course meal of trans-fats and starches.

In addition to the ridiculousness at the Sonic drive thru, here are a few other things that really un-float my boat. Or un-melt my butter. Or...yeah, you get the point : )

1. Chalk. I can’t stand to touch the stuff. Even more, I hate the sound of someone writing with chalk on a chalkboard. I hate the dust, the smell, (oh yes, chalkboards have a smell) and the rare but formidable screech that erupts when someone bears down too firmly when writing on a chalkboard. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

I had a fifth grade teacher who could also not stand chalk or chalkboards and used an overhead projector and dry erase markers instead. Mrs. Cornett, if you’re reading this, you have no idea how much I appreciated that simple gesture.

2. Velour. I can’t stand to touch the stuff. It sends shivers down my spine and makes me cringe. I had a cushion on a stool that was covered in the stuff one time and gave it away because I couldn’t stand to touch the thing. This also probably answers the question of, “Did you ever own one of those Juicy Couture track suits?” No. No I did not.

3. When people pronounce “nuclear” like “nucular”.

4. When people play with their feet. My co-worker Eunice and I both loathe this, actually. There’s a lady that we work with that strokes and touches her feet and toes in meetings. Like, she literally will take her shoes off and sit there and play with her feet. She’ll pick things out from between her toes and dig things out from underneath her toenails. It makes me nauseous.

5. Wire hangers.

6. Seeing wads of hair lying in someone’s sink or shower. I literally skipped taking a shower one day when we were staying with guests on a trip last fall because of a massive hair clump lying on the edge of the shower. True story.

Don't worry, I know full well they don't read this blog, so no hurt feelings should ensue : )

7. Violent nose blowing in public spaces. I work in a cubicle and one of my neighbors, (not you David, haha!), blows their nose at least 4 times a day. Like, I can hear everything that comes out of her nose. It's not one of those polite, soft gusts of nose blowing. It's violent and forceful and she needs some Afrin like nobody's biz.

I know that this is ridiculous and yes, I blow my nose, too. But I do it in the bathroom. I refuse to force my cube neighbors to hear the current state of my sinus passages.

8. Awkward hugs. There are some moments where hugs are needed. Necessary. Even expected. But there are other moments, moments like, say, meeting someone for the first time with which you are not well at all acquainted where hugging is just awkward. In situations like these, I prefer to do what Jon Acuff refers to as the awkward side hug or, if I’m feeling really, really awkward, the fist bump.

I think this is a good stopping place. I’ve divulged too much already, I think.

So humor me, Blonde Ambitioners. Tell me what your pet peeves are and why they drive you crazy! Make me feel less looney, please!

P.S.- This has zero do to with this post, but S and I were looking back through his old pics last night on Facebook and stumbled upon a 3 month old Ari....how cute was he?!

This is the look he gives  when he's real p.o.'d about something. We call it his "Really?" face. It's safe to assume he wasn't thrilled about getting a bath in the above pic, as evidenced by said, "Really?" face.

And look how big he's gotten now! Our little man is all grown up : )

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Um your co-worker in #4? That is so gross and so unprofessional. Ew. I can't even think about it.
    My pet peeve.. when people bite their fork while eating or scrape their utensils on their plate. For some reason these sounds make me cringe more than the terrible noises from chalkboards. Weird, I know.

  2. you're not THAT crazy...

    and what gets me going?
    -when people crack any joint and it makes that very gross, you know arthritis will develop, popping noise
    -when someone has bad breath and you can't tell them (because that would make things very awkward...)
    -when someone knows i'm allergic to something, eats it and then says "oh you're allergic to this Alexis aren't you? you should probably leave then." now, i am allergic to a lot of things (pretty much all fruit except apples and berries)but please either eat it front of me and act like you didn't know or tell me at first so i can leave!

    wow, thanks for this post-it was a good way to vent, ha!

  3. you are NOT crazy, trust me. I'm on the borderline of entering crazy zone with all of my pet peeves haha the chalk thing you mentioned is SO DEAD ON...hate it. I also cannot stand the sound of clipping your nails while in the workplace..not OK.

    My biggest may be not speeding up while getting on the highway...are you kidding me? do you want me to either a. get sideswiped by the other cars going the actual speed or b. hit the back of your most likely pos car?!?!

  4. ok I about spit out my coffee with #4! Seriously!?
    I'm with ya on the wire hangers. Can't stand them.
    What about when people don't turn off their wind shield wipers before turning off their car and they stop RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WINDSHIELD. Annoying!
    Or when people don't hit the "clear" button after using the microwave so it shows the time left rather than the actual time. AH! Drives me insane.
    Don't even get me started on bad breath...hmmm...maybe I should do a post like this :)

  5. you hate velour..i hate cottonballs. like literally hate them. it's grossing me out now talkin bout em and my little brother used to chase me around the house with one..not cool.

    oh & don't even get me started on co-workers..like laughing excessively..i am off by myself and the front office is a good ways from my desk. if i can hear you..then your too loud. and..i'll stop there.

    and seriously it doesn't take ANY EXTRA energy to turn your freaking blinker on..it's a simple switch and it turns itself off..

    and dont you dare touch my mail!

  6. Oh Lawd, honey, you are NOT crazy! I was cracking up reading your post and girl, I have to say yours are right on target -- do you work at the same place I do? Haha, we have a "snot horn" (as we call her in our office) too! And the wire hangers, seriously I think of Madea from Diary of a Mad Black Woman everytime I pick my clothes up from the dry cleaners. It makes me want to scream!
    How about the loud talker in the store -- or better yet someone having speaker phone on in the store. Come on get a grip. I do not care to hear about your problems.
    Then you have the people who don't really have a southern accent but try overly hard to have one. Sorry, but you can't replicate an authentic Southern accent I don't care how hard you try.
    And finally, when I'm listening to the radio and the same song is playing on 2 stations. Ugh, burns me up!

    I love your blog. I just recently started following. It's so very entertaining. You are just the cutest, sweetest thing ever. Congrats on your engagement. Y'all are so cute together.

  7. #3 had me LOL'ing

    #4 made me almost vom too. thats just NASTY. ew...

    #6 the hair thing. ew... i woulda skipped the shower too.

  8. Oh how I love these types of posts. Toe/foot touching makes me cringe too. You know their hands stink!!

    I've posted this before but my big one is people who whistle tunes - for no reason. You know...the guy at the grochery store that just has to whistle a little song? I CRINGE. Whistlers make me feel violent - no joke.

    A 'new' one previously not shared is when people say "I"M JUST SAYIN" at the end of a blurting-type sentence. This little phrase is not an excuse to lose your manners.

    Love this posting - can I copy??
    Michelle :)

  9. Oh my gosh the nose blowing thing...yuck! I can't stand that either!

    Our secretary sits right outside of my office and she constantly is sniffing and I cannot stand it!

  10. My worst is probably tags. I want to vomit if I see a tag sticking out of someone's clothes, or a tag sticking off of something fabric, like a stuffed animal or blanket--cut it off when you buy it! My husband is well aware that many new things require "tagectomies" and I quickly perform the surgery.

    Stickers on anything but paper are another one. I have a young daughter, so this can be a tough one.

  11. I hate hate hate walking on grass, especially in sandals. I will avoid it at all costs and will take the long way to get somewhere, as opposed to walking through the grass! Gives me the heebie-jeebies!

    Slowwwwwww drivers frustrate me to the max! I lived in California for 5 years and I really miss driving fast! haha

    I really prefer having freshly washed jeans, everytime I put them on!

  12. Haha you crack me up! My husband owns a Pizza Hut/Quiznos/Shell station, so I totally get the up-selling! My sister was there the other day and he asked if someone wanted something to wash down their ice cream. She adherent someone would need that, and I told her so he could make more money! Haha!

  13. Haha! Ewww...FEET! Who plays wuth their feet in a meeting!! So funny...I agree with everything (excpet the chalk thing... I actually really like the sound of chalk on a chalk board!) You are NOT crazy!

  14. O I have got to do one of these!! I have entirely too many to share in a comment haha. You had me cracking up. Pricelss.

  15. I'm with you on chalk! My mom was a school teacher and when they remodeled the school she got dry erase boards in her room, so I get it naturally! I think I'm the only person on earth that hates bananas...as in they make me gag. It's a texture thing!

  16. I hate hate HATE hair in showers or baths...when I was a little the tub would have to be hair free (even my own) before I would get it. I had a roommate in college that would wipe her hair on the shower wall and leave it there for days- we had it out about this and (sadly) it kind of ruined our friendship. I think she thought I was crazy. It was nasty. Ew.

  17. We have many of the same ones! ha!

    I also hate chalk. I hate when people don't know the difference between possessive and plural, ESPECIALLY some bloggers whose blogs I read. The sound of styrofoam freaks me out. People who don't turn their turn signal on (or off). I could go on... I need to do my own post on this. Ha!

  18. I love this post! I was going to comment with my pet peeves but realized I enough for a blog post as well :) I've recently started up my blog so feel free to hop over and read it (it's scheduled to be up tomorrow morning).


  19. LOL!!! OH girl you had me cracking up!!

    I too can't stand the awkward hug as well as what I call "the church hug"..lol! It's when I go to hug someone and they barely come in for it and just tap your shoulders with their fingertips..lol!

    I also can't stand heavy breather's...when you're sitting next to some one and they breathe very heavily or especially heavy nose breathers...lol!!! It always happens when I'm at the movies I get stuck next to someone usually a guy who breathes so heavily through his nose that that's all I'm concentrating on and barely pay attention to the movie..lol!!!

    Ok, I'll stop there I could go on and on..lol!!

    Great post sweetie!!!

    P.S. I love your dog :)

    XOXO, CC



  20. Dang your dog got big!!! My peeve is flip flops at the gym. Why are you even here???

  21. Love your pet peeves!

    Mine are:
    -chewing in your(my) ear. I have multiple conference calls and I hate when the person on the other end of the phone is chewing in my ear. Eww. Mute please or eat before the call.

    -sniffing in my ear. Again, conference calls. Mute the phone and blow your nose!

    - To your load nose blower, we have a loud nose sniffer. All day long he is sniffing snot up his nose. Walk away and go blow it please!!! (He just did it again!)

    -Stopping in the middle of an aisle. At work, at the store, at the grocery store (this one I see all the time). There are other people in this world, please move to the side. Your conversation is not so important that you can block traffic!

  22. I'm with you on #6! Another crazy pet peeve of mine is the smell of syrup - I can't stand it!

  23. this is hilarious!!
    i can't stand to hear people eat cereal...it just grosses me out.
    also, thank God for chalk pens, right?! :)
    and...wire hangers.....i can't help but hear, "no wire hangers, ever!" in mommie dearest's voice - haha! :)

  24. I totally agree with #5...all my wire hangers stay in the laundry room to hang dry my clothes. I'm also with ya on #6...especially if I'm in a hotel...gross!

    One of my biggest pet peeves is when people don't turn their turn signal off...especially when they're on a circular on/off ramp... (really, i know you're still turning right, it's the only way to go!)

    I'm a new follower to the blog and I'm loving it so far! Thanks!

  25. Oh my I HATE feet... that story about your coworker made me cringe!! Just wanted to say, I'm your newest follower and I love the blog!:)


  26. I so do not think your crazy. Actually reading this makes me feel oh so much better about the myriad of things that bug me. No one, and I mean no one, should mess with their feet outside of their home. ick!

    wire hangers irk me too. You are so not crazy. And if you are, then you have a friend :)

  27. I can totally relate to these! I think I'll have to do a Pet Peeve post soon!

    Check out my blog post for today. Gave you some love and blogged about Sun Savvy Bloggers! Tell me what you think :)

    XOXO Magan

  28. I died laughing while reading this! I too think I may be crazy sometimes with all the things that drive me nuts!
    1. I also HATE wire hangers!
    2.If you are going to crunch, slurp, or gulp your food it's best not to eat it within 1/2 a mile of me because I will for sure hear it and it makes me think about doing bad things to people:)
    3. I can't handle heavy breathers either.
    4. If you really want to send me over the edge, sit a heavy breather next to me at the dinner table and serve them chips, cereal, spaghetti, and soda in a can. HA!

  29. Love this! On the nose blowing thing....to this day I remember in elementary school there was a kid a grade lower than me who would go in the hall EVERY SINGLE DAY and blow his nose--like massively blow his nose--and it would echo so loud in the quiet hall. We would always laugh and at first the teacher would get mad, but after a few weeks, so just laughed right along with us!

  30. Feet and wire hangers...I am so with you!


  31. I hate wire hangers!! They get so gross and nasty!

  32. My three biggest pet peeves:
    3. Traffic!
    2. When people smack their lips while eating... gross!
    1. and my biggest pet peeve ever is when people call my daughter whose name is BELLE, Bella. She is NOT a Twilight character. I have never once called her or referred to her as Bella, her name is just BELLE, it's really not that hard.

  33. You are hysterical! I love reading your blog! My pet peeves are more of the pronunciation-perturbed:

    When people pronounce the word SUPPOSEDLY like supposiVly

    And the biggest, number one, without a shadow of a doubt, skin-crawling pet peeve is when people say MAYONNAISE like Maaaa-naze, with a short "A" like apple. You don't say, "Hold the "mA-o", People, you say "Hold the MAY-o"....like in the month of MAY.

    Ugh, now I'm grumpy.


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