Countdown to Fall - {Tracy Reese}

It’s Friday, ladies! Can I get an amen?!

I have had a blast gabbing about the latest trends with you girls over the past few days. Despite the 110 degree heat index outside, this post series really did get me even more excited for fall. We may just have to make this a seasonal tradition here at A Blonde Ambition!

To wrap up this countdown week, I thought we’d look at the glorious outfits from Tracy Reese’s 2010 Fall RTW collection. As simple as it sounds, the first words that came to mind when I first saw it were “pretty” and “romantic”. Kind of Jane Austin meets Steel Magnolias, if you will.

Of her style philosophy, Reese says, “My number one inspiration is my customer. I think about how she can look great while trends are changing so quickly.” In an ever evolving industry like fashion, this is a refreshingly honest design approach, I think.

(left) Reese takes a bow following her Fall 2010 RTW show at Bryant Park, NYC;  (right) Up close and personal look at the outfit detailing

For the upcoming season, Reese focused on layering; lots and lots of it.

From skinny pants, arm warmers, chunky cardigans and uber-cozy scarves to trench coats and black-tie affair worthy dresses, the entire collection just oozed class and femininity.

Reese emphasized texture through the use of jacquard, crystal embroidery and, (like Zac Posen), faux fur trim. Many of the dresses in the collection featured loads of ruching and draping – a Tracy Reese signature.

The dominate color palette was light and soft, something we’re not so accustomed to seeing in most fall collections. In fact, it kind of reminded me of a watercolor painting. Tracy Reese: the next Monet? I think so!

The hair and make-up in this show was by far my favorite of any we've seen this week. Reese's models sported smoldering, smoky eyes and pale lips, which leads me to believe that heavy eyes/light pouts will be de rigeur this fall. The hair was soft yet slightly mussed in curly tendrils and tousled to perfection.

Definition of the Day: Bias Cut

Ok, I'll be honest...until recently, I had no idea what "bias cut" meant, in terms of garment style. I mean, I've heard the words thrown around a lot on Project Runway, but that was about the extent of it. Little did I know, but I actually own lots of bias cut dresses.

A bias cut garment is cut "on the bias," which basically means diagonally. Clothing that is made out of striped material so that the stripes come together in a "V", (like all of those cute nautical dresses we loved so much this summer), are cut on the bias. Bias cut dresses tend to cling to a woman's curves more than straight cut clothing, which gives bias cut dresses a reputation of being a little more *ahem* sexier.

Today's Take-Aways

-Just like we've seen with pretty much every other collection this week, layering is key. Better even still, try layering different types of fabrics, (a lace blouse over tweed trousers or a leather jacket over a wool sweater), for a multi-dimensional look.

-'Tis the season for GINORMOUS scarves...so bundle up and look chic while doing so.

-For an unexpected color palette, try wearing pastels this fall, a 'la Tracy Reese. Who says you can't lighten up during the cooler months?

-Make a sweet little party dress (like the pink frock in the second photo set) look a little edgier by pairing it with clunky boots or clogs and black tights. The juxtaposition of innocence and edge will be infinitely more dramatic (and warmer!) than going bare-legged.

Well Blonde Ambitioners, I’m out. Once again, thanks so much for tuning in this week. I’ll see you guys bright and early here on Monday morning!

P.S.- The Shabby Apple dress giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered! The lucky winner was sweet Amy from Live. Laugh. Love...and Libbi!! . I'm sending you an email as we speak to get your shipping info, girlie!

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: style.com, Elle


  1. I love the colors- they remind me of a winter watercolor painting that my uncle did! BEAUTIFUL!

    I also love that necklace! So pretty!

  2. OMG.. I Love! I really wish I could wear those long gloves (audrey hepburn style) but i love in AZ.. hahahah

    So gorgeous!

  3. I love Tracy Reese! She's one of my favorite American designers and her Fall collection is a treasure! I love the layering, prints and it exudes femininity.

  4. WAHOO!!! I am so excited to win the shabby apple giveaway - thank you so much!!! I just emailed you :)
    And....I double HEART the chunky scarves - *swoon*

  5. AMEN!!!!! (all caps and tons of exclamation) <-- to the Friday comment! :) And I love how blues and greys seem to be in for fall.. b/c I love them. LOVE. :) And I love the muted cremes, pinks, and ruffles that also seem to be in! Exciting! Since we're headed to Hawaii, it's so funny b/c I bypass all the fall stuff and go straight for the sale summery items. I havent really allocated much budget to fall clothes...yet. ;)

  6. I love this collection - great colors and prints! This got me ready for fall to be here.

  7. Great collection! I can already tell that black tights are going to be in this fall! I love them!

  8. This has been so much fun! I am absolutely loving the layers - I'm glad you've mentioned what you id about layering textures as well as colors. I had never really thought about that before!

  9. I'm a big fan of fashion contradictions when it comes to layering...tough paired with sweet!

  10. wow, those are some HUGE scarves!!! haha

  11. Oh, I love that baby pink dress!


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