Countdown to Fall - {Zac Posen}

TGIT, Blonde Ambitioners! (thank goodness it's Thursday!)

I don't know if it's the growing anticipation of autumn because of this post series or if it's because I've been super busy at work, but this week has positively flown by. Hard to believe Friday is almost here, but this girl isn't complaining. I've never met a weekend I didn't like : )

Oh gracious be, I am SO excited to look at today's featured designer, Mr. Zac Posen. One of the most well-received collections to hit the fall runway, this has to be some of his finest work yet.

Zacky-poo and I, we go way back ; ) You see, I've been a fan of his work for as long as I can remember and I'm being dead serious when I say, I've never seen anything of his I didn't adore. He just has a way of dressing the female form like no other.

Let's take a peak at what we can expect from Z.P. this fall:

(left) Posen takes a moment for a quick pic with two of his models; (right) Posen's look board backstage

The word of the night at Posen's after-party for his fall 2010 RTW show was "fashiontainment". As he explained to the media, "It's what has happened to fashion- what prêt-a-porter has become."

Fashion as a form of entertainment? I can get behind that.

The Big Apple-born Posen described his latest opus as "1940s Futurism, very architectural." And one can definitely see this architectural inspiration with the clean stitching and long, lean lines of the garments in this collection.

Gone were the floor-trailing gowns of seasons past; this show was all about structure, versatility and, most importantly, wearability. The dresses were all short, sharp and brilliantly fitted, flaring out from the hips Holly Go-lightly style. Silk brocade and stretch satin were cut and sewn into body hugging shapes, often with a flair or fabric at the shoulder or hemline.

The collection varied in color from soothing nudes and taupes to searing hot reds and fushias.

From raspberry-colored velvet to Chevron striped faux fox furs (say that five times fast), Posen's brilliant use of textiles made this collection one for the books.

The hair and make-up was ultra soft and pretty; no crazy rats' nests or chartreuse eyeshadow. Flaxen-haired models sported smoldering eyes and gloss-free lips.

I should also note that all of the shoes were designed by Manolo Blahnik...and really, does it get any better than a pair of MBs?

Definition of the Day: Body-Con

Short for "body conscious" and inspired by French designer Hervé Lèger's bandage dresses, the term refers to skin-tight garments designed to sculpt the body. It should also be noted that this style movement might be single-handedly responsible for crash dieting : )

Today's Take-Aways

-Wanna feel a little more luxurious this fall? Try a jacket or dress in velvet for a rich, warm look. Better than a cup of hot chocolate and calorie-free : )

-Remember, you don't have to stick to only dark colors during the cooler months; branch out of your comfort zone this fall with bright reds, orange's and pinks- you'll look oh-so-Posen-esque.

-Go for an embellished shoe to add depth and visual interest to an outfit. Brands like Steve Madden and Chinese Laundry have tons of detail-oriented options for a fraction of the cost of Manolos.

-Though a fur dress or trench coat might be a leeeettle over the top for some of us, it doesn't mean we can't experiment with it in small doses. Try a faux fur clutch or fur trimmed scarf to channel your inner Posen girl.

Thoughts, y'all?

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Elle.com, NY Mag


  1. Beautiful designs! My friend just got an internship with Zac Posen in design, so this confirms that I have to visit her in nyc now. (and try to follow her to work!)

  2. What a fabulous post! I too am ready for fall and Mr. Posen has it on the mark! His designs are always so delicious and I can't get over those shoes, I die for that first pair!!

  3. {Love} that very first dress!!

  4. Zac did Fall to a tee in my book! LOVE all of these fabulous pieces!

  5. I love these!! I'm not a fur gal, but this is amazing!

  6. I love that charcoal capelet in the first row of images. Gorgeous!!!!!! His looks are amazing!

  7. each piece is perfection, there's no doubt about that. the only thing i would change would be adding a few lbs to each model...shoowee! they are so tiny! xo

  8. Love ALL of this stuff.. Really. My fav is the very first photo.. although the size of the models legs concerns me.. haha.. :) Yikes! Skinny! Great post. Great POSEN!;)

  9. I love it! I'm so ready to break out the fall wardrobe!

  10. i wanted to check out all this new fab stuff but all i saw was chicken legs ;)
    okay, really though i LOVE everything! i can't wait for fall!!
    hope all is well with you beautiful!!!


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