Trend Watch Wednesday: Show Your Team Pride!

Now in the South, we ladies have a long-standing tradition of dressing up for football games. For instance, I'd NEVER go to a football game dressed in anything but my cutest outfit, unless it was really cold or raining. I try to avoid T-shirts or tennis shoes, unless, as stated previously, it is 20 degrees or coming a monsoon.
So here are some finds from an online store called Tru Colors Apparel that sells school-specific attire for us girls who enjoy looking scrumptious for football games:

Now this is something I'd wear to an ASU game! Just imagine it with cute little black leggings and a cute, patent leather bag.

I wasn't too sure about this top at first, but after some careful consideration of how I'd accessorize...I think I really like it!

This dress is too adorable! This could also easily go with some leggings for the cooler games. Only problem is, it's stinkin' purple and gold ; ) I kid, I kid- I love you too, LSU fans.

It would look SO much better in red or black though! (Go Hogs and Red Wolves!) : )

Love this. Wouldn't it just go with a 3/4 sleeved crop jacket.? Ooohh and BIG earrings. That's a must.

So let me hear it...which team do you support? Who do you think will dominate on the field this year?

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P.P.S- I'm finally getting a button later tonight, so be sure to grab it and spread the Blonde Ambition love!


  1. Cute! I'm more of a tee shirt and jeans kind of gal, but the last dress is adorable! Go Blue and Orange! Go Boise State Broncos!

  2. Love the second dress! The houndstooth is awesome. Love the new blog look!!!! It's nice to change things around from time to time.

  3. Can't wait to grab your button! As far as football, our house is CORNHUSKERS! Only because of my hubby. :)

  4. Okay, thanks for the confirmation that this is a southern thing!! I grew up in Connecticut and when I would go to football games I was decked out in team sweatshirts and beanies - I have to say, I love Love LOVE the southern tradition much better!!

  5. Love them all! I need to start a collection of these super cute game tops and dresses. I am a proud graduate from Clemson and the both team colors are so hard to find in a suitable style! Can't wait to by one for the next game.

  6. This post tickles me. You are SO right about the difference between Southern Girl College Sports fans vs. Northern Girl College Sports Fans. When ever I watch SEC coverage on television the girls are dressed up so cute and pretty in their sundresses. Me being a northern girl - we usually wear our team colors in either a t-shirt, hoodie or something like that (matching sneakers are a must). I moved to Alabama 5 years ago and as you know when in Alabama you must choose a side... TIDE VS. EAGLE... I chose Alabama Crimson Tide. My boyfriend's family are all huge fans and well I like the color red more than orange and blue ;) I have purchased many tshirts to wear but I bet if I made it to an actual game I'd want to be just as adorable as the rest of the Southern Belles out there - thank you for this web site! Keep up the great work. ROLL TIDE!


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