Hello beautiful people! I hope you have all had a great weekend and experienced much better weather than we have in Arkansas. It has rained everyday for the last 2 weeks. You could practically set your watch by it.

I laughed hard today when a friend said, "I'm thinking of moving somewhere it doesn't rain so much. Maybe Seattle." That pretty much sums up the weather situation lately.
So why is this post called Detours? Oh gracious, where to start....

I'm a very guarded person, (ironic for a blogger, huh?), and tend to keep mum about my personal life, which is typically pretty unexciting. As much as I wish I could share with everyone the cruddiness of the week I've had, I just can't give details. It wasn't just one event, it was several really un-fun things.
Let's just say my life has taken some pretty sudden detours within the past few days. I'm still processing everything that has happened, and trust me, it's daunting. But who of us hasn't gone through things where you just don't know what to do next? I'm there. But I'm still standing and have so much to be grateful for. So I'll get through this little detour and maybe, just maybe, find a better route along the way.

Whew. Ok, enough of this sappy mess : )

Let's talk about something I'm really excited about. Let's talk about Where the Wild Things Are?, the new movie based on the best-selling book by Maurice Sendak.

It drops on October 16 and I'm such a book nerd, I'll probably buy my tickets in advance. I think the most intriguing player in this film has got to be director Spike Jonze, since this movie is such a departure from his usual efforts. This book was one of my hands-down favorites when I was younger and I usually give it as a gift to any of my friends who have children.

So do you think you'll see Where the Wild Things Are? on October 16? What was your favorite book as a child or what do you enjoy reading to your own children now?
P.S.- Go HOGS!


  1. Where the Wild things are is my husbands fave, but I think we're going to wait to see it, I don't know if my 5 year old is ready yet! I loved all the Frances Books as a kid...I read them to my kids now. We love Bread and Jam for Frances....

  2. I'm extremely excited about Where the Wild Things are. My husband is usually an action kind of guy, but he's actually looking forward to this movie!! He says it was a favorite when he was a kid!

  3. I am also super excited about Where the Wild Things Are! It was one of my favorite books when I was little.

  4. Good luck with whatever you're going through right now and I hope you figure out whatever you need to do next :) I have never read "Where the Wild Things Are" but my husband loves it so I might read it to my children whenever that might be. As a child I was very much of a tomboy, so my favorite books were "Oliver Twist" and "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." They were just soo much fun to read!

  5. I've never read Where THe Wild Things Are! Do you believe it?!?! My favorite books as a kid were the ghost stories by Mary Downing Hahne like "Wait Til Helen Comes" "A Doll in the Garden" and "A Time for Andrew" among Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High of course!

  6. Hope you get through your detour. Sometimes, I think this is done on purpose so that we find our own purpose, ya know? Hang in there!


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