Have Style, Will Relocate

This past weekend I caught a couple episodes of The Rachel Zoe project and LOVED it. I've seen Rachel in various magazines and blogs and always had a deep appreciation for her forward-thinking style.

Not to mention, her clientele (Liv Tyler, Demi Moore, Anne Hathaway, Mischa Barton, Nicole Ritchie, etc.) is slammin'.

Last night I tuned in to another one of her episodes and it didn't disappoint. She recently held a fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer research in which she sold over 200 of her key pieces of jewelry, right from her very own closet. All the proceeds went to the charity, which was really cool. Also last night, she was preparing for Paris fashion week, which I'd give my front teeth to attend, (so jealous!) So I'm really thinking maybe I'm in the wrong line of work : ) Heck, I'd even move to Los Angeles where Camp Zoe is located. Maybe Mrs. Zoe could use another team member??

Rachel, call me.

Here are a couple trends of the moment that Rachel highlights on her website:

Wide Leg Pants- The days of skinny jeans may just be on their way out. It's all about a wide, straight leg in the land of jeans and trousers. A couple of Zoes faves:

7 for All Mankind ($155)

Gap Slender Hip-Slung jeans ($60)

The Tunic Dress- I'm beginning to think this whole bohemian-chic trend may just stick around for awhile : ) Just a hunch, lol. One of Rachel's favorite boho-chic looks of the moment:

Anna Sui for Target Empire Floral Stripe dress ($45)

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  1. Love all of your fashion updates! I LOVE the scarves at the top of your page, super cute!!!

    Have a great week :)

  2. Loving the tunic dress big time!

  3. i'm SO hoping skinny jeans go out completely... maybe then guys wouldn't be wearing them!

  4. I always like wide leg pants, help balance out the hips.. : )

    I just started watching Rachel's show this season too, not sure how I missed season one, as I love all things Bravo TV!

  5. I Love the idea of a tunic dress over leggings. So great for that cool weather! I would never dare wear a pair of skinny jeans LOL!

  6. I've never seen Rachel Zoe myself - there's always been something about her previews that led me to believe she's heinous - mayhaps I should stop judging the book....

    Love the wide leg jeans but at 5'3 I'm dreading their return which surely means dragging them through dirt, puddles, et al! Love the fashion updates!

  7. I've never seen Rachel Zoe, but I guess I have to check that thing out since I hear more and more people talking about it! Those jeans are too stinking cute!

  8. I love wearing skinny jeans with boots because they stay put and don't look sloppy like other jeans can under boots, but wide leg jeans add an element of style that regular jeans just don't have. Wide leg jeans with spiky heals is a great look.


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