Cravings Corner

This week in the Cravings Corner, I've chosen to feature items from Cambria Cove, Scentsy and our beloved Francesca's. Here's what I'm craving this week:

I just purchased, for the first time, a burner and some scent bricks from Scentsy. Scentsy is a "safe" candle; instead of using an actual candle, it uses a light bulb. You place the scent wax "brick" in the warmer and turn it on. Voila! Instant scented goodness.
I bought the Merino burner, because the style and colors fit my apartment. They have many to choose from though. I bought 3 scent bricks: Falling Leaves (great autumn scent), Red Delicious (smells just like the apple) and Toasted Apple Butter.

I'm also really liking this bottle tag from Cambria Cove. I think I would use it on my olive oil bottle that sits on my counter top.

Apparently turqouoise and dark red are VERY in this season. I'm needing a new handbag for Fall and I love these from Francesca's.

Does anyone else out there watch Mad Men? I just started watching the first season on dvd and think I might become quickly obsessed. These two coats and this tunic reminded me of the fashions the girls on the show wear.

I think the 50's and 60's were such a glamourous era and Francesca's is definitely paying homage to those decades' styles.

So what are you craving right now? What were your favorite and least favorite eras of fashion?


  1. I just love anything 50's style. It was just sooooo feminine. The bottle tag is stunning! I would be tempted to turn it into a pendant and wear it! ha ha

  2. Hi Leslie, thanks for the kind comment! The scentsy "candles" sound really cool - going to check those out now :)

  3. Don't you love the Toasted apple butter?? I was told it was discontinued now and I am so sad. I just tried it for the first time the other day. BTW I am about to do a giveaway for a burner and scents on my site. Be sure to come by ;)

  4. Clueless_Mama- I had NO idea Toasted Apple Butter was discontinued!That makes me sad : (

    I'll definitely swing by your blog! That's an awesome giveaway!


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