Picture Perfect

My mom is a fabulous photographer, so I had to share with you her most recent accomplishment. You may remember a few weeks ago when she was featured in Arkansas' "Front Porch" magazine for her winning photo, Sunbursts at Sunset.

Well, it seems she's done it again! Mom placed 1st in the black and white photo category at the county fair back home! She will now go on to compete at the Arkansas State Fair in October with her photo.

The winning photo is of our newest extended family member, our baby cousin Brody. His daddy, Kyle, is holding him.

Isn't my mom good? I'm so proud of her! Here are a few more of my favorite photos she has taken recently.

Here's a flower from my Memaw's garden

The view through a wall in Rothenburg, Germany

The reflection of a ferris wheel in Windsor, England

A lily after the rain

So what do ya'll think? I know I'm biased, but I think she's pretty great!


  1. Those are some lovely photos!! I hope she blows them away at the Arkansas State Fair too!

  2. Your mom is extremely talented. The photos are amazing!

  3. WOW great pics!!!! = )

  4. Your mom's photo is stunning! You don't want to take your eyes off of it. Thanks for sharing it here with us.


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