Show Us Your Life - Awkward School Photos

Kelly's Korner is featuring awkward school photos in the blog hop today, which I think is pretty darn funny. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) all my school photos are at my parents house, so I don't have any of my own to post.

But trust me, there was hardly a year that went by when my photos were not awkward. I'm going to visit my parents this weekend though, so I'll try to bring some back for Monday : )

So check out these links from AwkwardFamilyPhoto.com to get your awkward photo fix:

  • Some hairstyles should be forbidden. See Exhibit A - The Power Mullet

  • Can you tell who the teacher is in this picture? Yeah, it took me a moment, too. Also, I feel bad saying this, but I can't fully tell if that is a boy or a girl in the front row on the right end.

  • So what do girls in Prom dresses and a bunch of hens have in common? Well, they're both in this photo for starters...

  • Awww....don't ya hate being third wheel?? Yeah, so did this girl.
Stay tuned for embarrassing pics of me on Monday!

Why am I willingly embarrassing myself, you ask? All in the name of being a good blogger, my friends...it's all about the blog! : )

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