Trend Watch Wednesday: First Edition

Clothes make my heart happy. That's all there is to it. Some people are foodies, some people dig music and some people have a deep passion for fashion. (Sorry that rhymed, I totally didn't plan it that way : )

I enjoy the challenge of putting outifts together on a budget and really enjoy "creating" new outfits with different accessories. You might be surprised at how much a $3 scarf from TJ Maxx can revamp an ensemble.

This season is all about classic, girly accessories. We're talking bubbly cocktail rings, big, billowy scarfs and huge bangle bracelts. I think it's safe to say that it's ALL about the statement pieces this Fall. As I reported a while ago, flowers, lace and ruched fabrics dominated the Fall runway shows.

Here are some of my most recent finds:

I wish this was my hand that this ring was on. Sadly, this was the model hand from Etsy. I LOVE the ginormous-ness of this little bobble.

Ever been to Shop Suey Boutique? You totally should. I love this scarf. It's plain but beautiful. It's also really big and billowy and looks to be a warm accessory for the upcoming cooler months.

Like I said, the girlier, the better. This handbag features the ruffles that are all the rage this Fall. Plus this bag is big enough to hold your wallet, iPod, lip gloss and your kitchen sink. I'm so fond of it, I posted two pics; a black and a charcoal.

Animal prints are the new neutral. They can literally be paired with almost anything (except plaid or paisley, don't do that!) I love the square shape of this sexy little leopard print bangle. Chunky and fab-u-lous.

Not an accessory, but I couldn't leave out this dress from Francesca's. Hello love...

Or this dress from my second home, NY and Company...

Do you hear that? It's these peep-toe booties from Target calling your name....

Best part about all of these finds? They are all $58 or less!

Who says you gotta be a gazillionare to look good?


  1. Clothes also make my heart happy!!! I LOVE everything you found. I am the biggest bargain shopper, so those are all great for the prices :)

    Thanks so much for the comments on my blog! Have a great night!!

  2. Hey Leslie, Thanks for the tips - Love Francesca's AND Target!


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