Are You a Barbie Girl?

I was totally a Barbie girl when I was little. And I'm sure if I ever have a little one, she'll play with Barbie dolls, too! I thought this was just too nifty not to share, so here goes:

Famed home interior designer, Jonathan Adler, has designed his very own Barbie Collection to commemorate her 50 years of fabulousness. Everything in the collection is inspired by her majesty and has a really retro-60's vibe. Think lots of heavy stripes and bold colors (mostly pink.)

I'm not sure about doing a whole house in Barbie motif, but a den or office would be SO fun! It's a shameless nod to femininity at it's finest...and I love it.

This post is dedicated to my friend Sarah Scoggins , who was BY FAR the best Barbie player!
Sarah got a Holiday Barbie every year and we used to talk about taking them out the their boxes. Her mom (understandably) wanted her to preserve them, but boy oh boy was it tempting to open those boxes. Haha! We didnt' understand the meaning of "keepsake" back then : )
Were you a Barbie girl growing up? Which was your favorite?


  1. I loved Barbie!! That stuff is too cute! = )

  2. I was never a Barbie girl when I was little but I am now! Someone said to me once 'you have so many shoes...you are like a Barbie doll' and it made my day!

  3. My daughter has about 25 at this point and one life size Barbie head where she can fix her hair and make up. She ADORES them. I only had 2 when I was little :o)

  4. I LOVED the holiday barbies.. they were always kept up on a shelf.. but one day I broke open a box...mum wasnt too happy but they were sooo pretty and I was sooo curious!! ha ha. I dont know if my hubby would go for that much pink in the house.. I try to be as gender friendly as I can around here so he doesnt feel out of place :) I would love it though!

  5. Barbie was the BEST! i loved playing barbies with you. ahh... those were the days. Having sleepovers and playing barbie all night and day.
    Yes, I do still have all of those Holiday Barbies. And they are all still in their boxes. Maybe someday they will be worth millions. I doubt it, but that would be awesome!

    Sarah Scoggins


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