Trend Watch Wednesday: Polish Til It Shines

First of all, yes, I changed my look again : ) I just wasn't digging the pumpkiny background so much...I mean, it totally clashed with my cute, new pink button. Ya'll are women, so ya'll understand.

We all know that I have a slight obsession with small dogs and clothes, but I'm ever so quickly starting to get really into something else. Something cheaper than a pair of shoes or a cute bag....something that comes in a small bottle with a brush.

Yup, I'm really into nail polish right now. And boy, if you've been sticking to the same old reds and pinks like I have, you've been missing out! In the summertime, it seems like you have 20 varieties of hot pink for the toes, and pale pink or clear for the tips. Can we say boring? Yawn.....
Fall, however, gives us much more creative freedom to paint our fingers and tootsies just about every color of the rainbow. If you've always had that inner punk rocker just waiting to bust out, now is the time ladies. With dark plums, bordeaux reds and chocolate browns dominating the Chanel and Marc Jacobs fall runways, it's time to cross over to the dark side.
Remember, should you choose to try a really dark nail color, be sure to top it with a clear coat to avoid chipping and give it some shine. Otherwise it will look a little dirty : ) Here are some of my favorite nail colors for fall, at many different price points:
(left to right) OPI for Sephora in In the Shadows- $9, OPI for Sephora in Beauty Junkie- $9

(left to right) Rimmel London in Pulsating- $2.94, Givenchy in Purple by Night- $15(left to right) OPI for Sephora in I'm with Brad- $9, OPI for Sephora in Brunette on the Internet- $9

MAC Nail Laquer in Seriously Hip- $12


  1. i LURVE the purple!! i'm wearing OPI purple now... not sure of the name. but i'm thinking of trying some time of chocolate when i go back to the manicurist... if i try and paint my own nails i end up looking like a kindergartener did them!

  2. Love that purple! Fun post, darling!


  3. I love the MAC Seriously Hip....it seems less harsh than the dark colors but still edgy. I can't wait to stock up on grey polish. I was totally thrilled to get my mani done in burgundy this week.


  4. I LOVE the purple :D I will have to go check that out pronto! Purple is my color in the spring/summer too(a lilac shade).

  5. I am loving dark colored nail polish right now. I especially love the purple.

  6. I've been wearing a slate grey color on my toes, love it.

    I have an award for you on my blog!

  7. hi! thanks for stopping by :) you have a cute blog yourself!

  8. I LOVE dark nail polish! Especially the opi ones! I have been itching to go to Sephora and get some of them!

  9. I love getting my toes painted. I think I'm actually going on Monday for a pedi !!! These colors are all awesome... I usually stick to my safe purples and pinks, but I am definitely going to try a "fall" color this time. I'm hoping to find just the right warm, coppery polish...

  10. Cute blog! I love that purple polish. I really need to update my colors...lots of bright pinks and oranges. You are right...Yawn!

  11. I'm planning to take my nails super dark after the bffs wedding. It will be a major change after almost a year of a french manicure but I'm so ready for a change!


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