I Have A Button!

Finally, my little blog won't feel left out or "un-cool"...she has a button!

It only took me 3 hours to do : ) Um, yeah, I'm definitely not a designer, hence the reason it took me the better part of an afternoon to make.

So if you're feeling like you could use a little blonde on your blog, grab my super cute new button! And if you do, let me know! I love to hear from ya'll!


  1. Oooooh, I like it!! You did that by yourself? I could probably get as far as designing one, but would have NO idea what to do with the code.

  2. I'll be adding it to my blog. I laughed because even though I can design all that kind of stuff, it takes me just as long because I can never get it perfect enough for me :o)

  3. You poor thing! 3 hours!!? If you need help with anything in the future let me know :) I am a full-time graphic designer. You did a great job though! You were still way cool before the button LOL!


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