Weekend Recap: {Last Hurrah in Heber}

Hey, girls! I know it's later in the day than I usually post, but I wanted to share a few photos with all of you of our weekend. We visited my parents in Heber Springs, where I grew up.

The king of Greers Ferry Lake

Hanging with the broski on the back of the boat.

Matthew took a little snooze.

Stopped for a photo-op on a bridge. Despite my wet hair and awful attire, I'm so glad we took a pic of the two of us. Thanks for taking this photo, Mom! 
We spent all day Saturday on my parents' boat on the lake. It drizzled A LOT and came a downpour for a few minutes. My mother saves everything and packed this super stylish Sea World poncho for someone to wear in case of rain.

Please ignore the lack of make-up and lovely wet hair. It is what it is. Or was.

I was the lucky (and completely willing) recipient.

The things you'll do when you're soaking wet.


I also got to introduce this little nugget to the fam. Obvi, they loved her presh little self.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Looks like a great visit with your family! and I am sure they fell head over heals in love with your little nugget~he's so darn cute. Thanks for sharing, Leslie!

  2. How fun! Sweet puppy and fun boat memories!

  3. What a nice trip home....darn rain!!

  4. Cute pups!!!

    And PS - you look so pretty without lots of makeup! You look purty either way but just saying you don't need much at all!

  5. I'm loving that red shirt - so pretty! Looks like you guys had a good trip; family time is always the best:)

  6. Looks like such a fabulous time! xo


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