The Elle

Good morning, girls! I hope everyone had a great weekend! At the S household, we did a lot of eating and a lot of napping, which is always my preferred agenda on holiday weekends.

Thought about where you might do your fall shopping? Of course you have. You wouldn't be reading this blog if you hadn't ; )

I have a thought, if you'd care to sit for a spell and hear...hmm?

Today, I wanted to introduce you to the newest sponsor of A Blonde Ambition - The Elle. The Elle is the sister store of The Rage and is located in downtown Mena, Arkansas. It on July 2, 2012 by a sweet girl named Lori Bonner, a business-savvy fashionista! Lori was inspired by her sister Laci (owner of The Rage) to start her own boutique. Alas, The Elle was born.

Kiss Me Slowly bag from The Elle

The Fine Day boot

The Mix Master...coming soon to The Elle!

Selling exclusive footwear and accessories, The Elle caters to the shoe addict and purse coveteur (like moi) but at great prices that we working girls can afford. The store's slogan is "Classic style. Modern twist.", which I think perfectly embodies everything The Elle is about.

The Wayne Boot...adored by celebs like Beyonce Knowles and available at The Elle!

With brands like Steve Madden, Madden Girl, Big Buddha, Madeline, Seychelles and Chinese Laundry, The Elle carries some serious big-name clout. Even better, they'll ship these brands (and everything else in the store) absolutely anywhere.

You can view everything from The Elle on their Facebook page where you can comment and set up a shopping account. This means that you can buy from The Elle no matter where you live. Kapish?

Oh, and be sure to check out their Pinterest page, too! LOTS of pretties to feast your eyes upon.


That's it for today! Enjoy your non-Monday and be thankful for all the good things in life. Including, *ahem* Razorback victories ; ) Go Hogs!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. gorgeous!!!
    I was thinking you should do a home tour, we have never seen your house :)

  2. those red mary janes are AMAZING!!! love your blog -- can we follow each other??


  3. I love Seychelle's-so comfy! And I never really knew Steve Madden made purses. So cute.

  4. I can already tell I'm going to love shopping from this place! Good thing I can shop online all the way in Michigan :)

  5. Loving those handbags & red shoes!

  6. Ummmmm, I'll take 1 of everything! haha

  7. I can't see a single thing I don't LOVE about this store. Although you had me at Big Buddha, I am obsessed with their stuff! (And I like that it's vegan friendly, not a huge vegan just like to help every once in a while for the furry friends of the world) :)

  8. I love the boots!!!! Nice picks. Cant wait for fall.....the fashion is so much more interesting.

    You and your huz make a great couple!!!!

    Follow each other???

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