My Outfit Pics Featuring OCJ Collegiate Denim!

Even though the Hogs had a rough weekend, I'm SO excited to share about these super cute jeans with y'all! I know that you girls enjoy cute gameday attire as much as I do, which is why I’ve been bursting to tell you about OCJ Apparel and their presh collegiate jeans!

I was recently contacted by T.T. (a super sweet intern majoring in fashion) to see if I’d be interested in looking at OCJ’s collegiatedenim line for a review. After about .5 seconds of pondering the offer, I happily accepted.

It took one click of the mouse to make me squeal with shopper’s delight. OH MY at the choices!

From LSU to TCU, Arkansas to Arizona, there are so many teams to choose from. And not just one design – there are a variety of designs for each school! The team logos and unique stitching on the back pockets are subtle enough to keep the jeans office appropriate (if you can wear jeans to work), but fun enough to wear on gameday. OCJ also offers a choice between skinny and bootcut, so you’re able to select the style that works best for your body type.

Just take a look at this adorable promo video called "Take Pride in Your Stride". If it doesn't make you want to buy a pair of these, I dunno what will.

Love the horse emblem on the SMU option!

The wash is a beautiful indigo. I washed these in our machine on cold and they didn’t fade a bit! Also, since they run a bit big, I tossed mine into the dryer to shrink them a bit and they came out perfectly.

I usually wear a 26, but I definitely could’ve gotten away with a 25. Consider going one size down for sure! That's the only thing I'd do differently.

I love the logo on these! Consider this the first and only time I'll ever publish a close-up of my derriere. Oh, the things I do for blogging...

Also have gotten a couple of emails about the shirt. I got it at Savoir-Faire in Fayetteville (in store)!

I also chose the bootcut since I have so many skinny jeans. I thought it’d be a great addition to my denim collection – and it is.

Honestly, my favorite part about these jeans is the quality. You get what you pay for with denim and it’s so true with this brand. They are super soft and as comfy as your favorite lounge pants, but eons more stylish. If you invest in one gameday item this season, I’d put your money on OCJ. These jeans are going to sell like hotcakes, so buy now and get ready to cheer on your favorite team in style!

You can follow OCJ Apparel on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, too! Additionally, you can find retailers in your area here.

 Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I love the red shirt you paired with the jeans. Unfortunately they don't have University of New Mexico yet but when they do, I might buy a pair!

  2. I can't get the link to work...! Maybe you are sending them too much traffic :)

  3. Your butt is literally on the internet!! lol. They are adorable- and perfect for you. Fashion and football!

  4. OMG these are adorable and the best ideaever!!

  5. Boo...they don't have the GA Bulldogs, yet... :(
    These are seriously darling, though!

  6. These would have been perfect for the tailgate party I was at last Saturday night! Super cute!

  7. OBSESSED. i am buying the UK ones asap. clearly. xoxo

  8. Please consider adding the East Carolina University logo and their mascot Petey the Pirate :). I know many, many people that would buy these jeans!! Thank you for your consideration of my ideas. You have definitely found a GREAT niche market. I wish you great success!!

    Sincerely, Kathryn Earnheart


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