Camera. Fail. But We Have Clothes!!

Well, for the umpteenth time since I have tried to upload photos from my camera, it has failed. I had photos on it for today's OCJ Apparel post and, to no surprise of mine, wasn't able to get them off of the memory card.

We've invested in tons of memory cards, new batteries, the works - so we know it's the camera itself and not the "other parts" that are affecting it. If anyone else has a Canon SX 150 and experiences these  problems, let me know what fixed it. Or rather which camera you traded it in for : )

Instead, we're going to talk about....super presh items of le clothing that I need in my life. And, you probably need in yours, too.

BB Dakota Striped Sweater, found here.

Striped Short in Leopard Print from Revolve Clothing, found here.

Oh lordy. It's gonna take every ounce of willpower not to buy these adorable leggings. Faux leather, y'all!

Wax jeans in a beautiful oxblood color? Yes please! Get 'em here.

Snakeskin heels by little ball of fire, Christian Siriano? You betcha! Buy here
These would be beautiful with cuffed jeans this fall, don't you think? Get them right here.

This beautiful studded shirt would look great with a black cami underneath and some trouser pants. Found here.

Y'all are gonna think I'm crazy, but I love this dress. My prediction is that checks and big plaid prints will be the new hotness this winter. Mark my words. And while you're marking them, get it here.

I salute this skirt in all its military-inspired glory. Found here.

It's called the Utility shirt. That's one utility bill I wouldn't mind paying. Here.

Happy Friday! Stay fashionable, enjoy college football and, most of all...

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. The striped sweater is very cute!! I have about a thousand things on my wish list :)

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  2. I wished we lived closer so we could share clothes! SO CUTE!

  3. Have you tried connecting your memory card to a card reader to download to your computer instead of downloading from the camera? You may have already done so, but just thought I'd put it out there just in case!

  4. I don't think you're crazy...I love the plaid dress too! :)


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