At Least It's Wednesday

First off, I'm excited to announce that I'm hosting an online Scentsy party this week and next through Megan! If you want to purchase any of the AMAZING fall scents (um, pumpkin marshmallow anyone?) then just click here and buy! It's that easy.

A few of my favs for fall/winter:

Eskimo Kiss
Silver Bells
Pumpkin Marshmallow (I would like to eat this. If it wasn't wax and all.)
Pumpkin Roll (noticing a trend here?)
Festival of Trees

So order now and have your house smelling yummy in no time!


Today, we’re going off the cuff.

As in no specific topic.

Someone slap me. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

Let’s talk, turkeys!

I made minestrone soup last night because BY GOLLY IT’S SEPTEMBER AND WE’RE EATING SOUP. Or whathaveyou.

We may have been sweating profusely whilst eating said soup, but in the S household, we do autumn proud. Even if she insists on bringing 100 degree heat with her.

I mean, it’s all I can do to refrain from busting out every pumpkin tchotchke and cranberry candle I can find once September rolls around. But then our trusted weatherman reminds us that there’s a heat advisory and that we shouldn’t mow the lawn until the sun goes down and suddenly, my dreams of running in fields of golden leaves are crushed.


I am fed up with politics. Fed up. And I love that everyone and her mother feels that she’s a political analyst nowadays. We’re all regular ‘ole Tim Russert-s these days, aren’t we? I finally logged off of Twitter last night after reading someone’s tweet that went a little something like, “Romney/Ryan are one of the most handsomest duos to ever run for office.”

Most handsomest.

Just let that soak in.

The intelligence residing within social media channels continues to abound…

Sidenote: Didn't Michelle look stunning last night? Beauty and brains, that one! One of my favorite first ladies ever.


 Let the trumpets sound and the angelic hosts proclaim…I got my roots done. Gone are the days of dark, icky new growth and brassy, faded highlights.

At least for the next eight weeks, anyway. 

Ignore my pasty skin and harsh office overhead lighting. Gakk! At least the hair looks good!

Many of you probably follow my sweet sister-in-law, (and if you don't, you should), but I wanted to tell y'all about a really cool new program she has started called Dollars and Sense. It's a professional budget set-up program that she established to help all of us get more financially fit. Sarah has her MBA and works in accounting and is so financially-savvy.

If your budget needs an overhaul or if you need some advice on how to establish a budget, contact Sarah! It's affordable to participate and she is super thorough.


And that, friends, is that.

Be blessed, lovelies- 


  1. I'm so glad you're hosting a scentsy party! I've been wanting to try it desperately! I usually do candles but have been wanting to check scentsy out (especially for my classroom). I'm going to place an order right now!

    I'm ready for some autumn weather as well. I got a PSL yesterday and it was almost too hot to enjoy it. Almost. ;)

    Your hair looks lovely.

  2. loving scentsy!!!! and girl you look amazing as always ;)

  3. WHY ARE OFFICE LIGHTS SO HARSH?! We spend the majority of our days there..the least they can do is install some customized lighting that isn't so disturbing for our eyes..or photo taking ;) Looking fab as always, my dear. And Michelle..well did you get a load of those guns!? That 4:30am training has done her well to say the least.

  4. I would love to have your minestrone soup recipe! You always look so pretty and put together!

  5. Couldn't agree more about politics and Michelle. Love her.

    The heat is horrible here but there is a break in sight here in AL I hope it heads your way too. They are calling for degrees to be in the 70's on sunday! AMEN!

    We also had soup last week!

    I am dying for some fall scents in the house. I have told myself I can't get any until I dig my fall decorations out of storage, to be sure I don't have about 20 already ;)


What'cha got?