How I Wear My Leather Leggings

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It's Trend Watch Wednesday! And we're talking about...leather leggings. Two words that may strike fear into the hearts of women. Two words that also evoke pure joy and excitement in the hearts of me – er, other women : )

I love a good leather legging, boot, handbag, skirt or skinny pant.

I do not love leather biker pants, leather vests or leather chaps, (unless Brad Pitt is wearing them, circa the Jesse James movie.)

Those two items fall into the creepster/carnie category. Remember the carnies at your local county fair? Mine wore leather. They were fashion forward like that.


I decided way back in the summer that I’d give leather leggings a “go” for fall and, last week, I did just that. I bought mine at Forever 21, because they were cheap and I figured if I hated them, it was only 11 bucks down the drain-o. You can find them below!

Ignore the disheveled appearance...this was taken at 10:30 last night. 

I paired it with my pointy ballet flats with the snakeskin accents and presh ankle straps. They came from Savoir Faire and I’d suggest hightailing it over there and buying them if you know what’s good for you. They were a steal at $35.

The top? A mega-slouchy, long(ish) sweat shirt from Forever 21 in an oatmeal color. I wanted the pants to be the focus on the outfit, you see.

Coated Leggings

(P.S.- Savoir Faire also has a great pair, which I plan to scoop up this week, now that leather leggings and I have established a committed relationship.)

The top? A mega-slouchy, long(ish) sweat shirt from Forever 21 in an oatmeal color. I wanted the pants to be the focus on the outfit, you see.

Let’s take a simple quiz to see if…YOU + LEATHER LEGGINGS = SUCCESS

1. Are you self-conscious about your booty? Leather is meant to be tight. If you’re self-conscious about your legs or bottom, these are not the pants for you.  

If your answer is yes, thank you for playing. You may want to opt for wax jeans, which have a leather-like look, but feel like denim.

If your answer is no, proceed to question #2.

2. Are you familiar with any of the following bands Iron Maiden, Heart or Styx?

If your answer is yes, congrats! Move to question #3

If your answer is no, then you have no place wearing leather – period.

3. Do you prefer skinny jeans or bootcut jeans?

If your answer is bootcut jeans…this is a serious question. If you don’t like how your body looks in skinny jeans, you won’t like leather leggings. So you may want to vie for a skirt instead.

If your answer is skinny jeans…congrats! You and leather leggings may have chemistry.


Avoid the following pieces when sporting leather leggings:

-Any large statement jewelry with spikes or points. I’m serious, this stuff is “in” right now, but unless you’re going as Billy Idol for Halloween, it will appear a bit over-the-top.

-Avoid leather jackets with leather pants. You'll have yourself a leather tuxedo. Or you’ll look like The Crow. Or Batman. Or any other fictitious character in dark comics.

-Keep the entire rest of the outfit super simple. Go simple with the top, sleek with the shoes and don’t overdo the jewelry. It’s all about the pants with these puppies.

So yeah, leather leggings...a "do" for fall 2012. Try it if you dare.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Always interesting to see how others would do leather pants - you look fab!!

    But, I gotta respectfully disagree with your "no jewelry with spikes" rule...I just saw a fall fashion video on Makeup by Tiffany D and she wore a spiky bracelet and pulled it off, without looking like Billy Idol or the like. To be fair, the spike-age was minimal. You can check the vid out here: http://makeupbytiffanyd.blogspot.com/

    I'd probably pair my leather leggings with some black booties and stripes...I actually posted about how I'd style them a couple weeks ago!!


  2. Great look for those tricky leggings!

  3. I love this look - Crazy, but I've been looking for a similar sweater for a while now! Was that a recent F21 purchase?

  4. Great post! I'm working up the nerve to try leather leggings. I just bought a leather fringe purse - that was pretty edgy for this girl. Baby steps!

  5. I love my leather leggings! I sometimes wear mine with a longer vest if I feel self conscious about my butt. :-)

  6. I want to do the leather legging look so bad! But just not sure what to wear with them (that I already own)...Guess it's an excuse to shop some more:) And def can't beat that F21 price!

  7. ur awesome! looks great on you, but id never wear them. :p

  8. This leather leggings quiz is hilarious. I failed! I don't think I can pull them off but they look cute on you.

  9. look look great in those - I feel like I am too chicken to rock leather leggings! xo


  10. Great look!


  11. Can I be you when I grow up? Please and thank you.

  12. I was so unsure about these but then you brought down the Thunder with Maiden and I thought - I NEED LEATHER PANTS... there is no way I can sing "RUN TO THE HILLS" and not sport some leather!!! ;) (huge iron maiden fan over heeeyayyyhhhh)

  13. I could never wear leather pants! Everytime I see leather pants, all I can think about is that Friends' episode where Ros wears the leather pants and they shrink.

    I'm trying to take the trend seriously, but honestly...I break up laughing everytime I even think about leather pants!!

  14. These leggings look awesome! I have always wanted a pair of leather leggings for the fall months. I have looked everywhere, but they seem very hard to find and when I do find them they are terribly over-priced.


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