Return Trip

Hola, chicas! Back from Chicago and back to the blog - both good things. We had such an amazing time in the Windy City. I'll have some pics to upload on here later tonight, but until then, an iPhone picture purge for your viewing pleasure...

Exhibit A...Chicago! Where we just came from yesterday. Love the city and everything about it. If I ever live in a bigger city, this would be my choice.

Exhibit B...a pic that Ruby's aunt Stephanie (who house-sat for us) sent on Saturday. Boy did we miss this little girl and her big brother, Ari!

Exhibit C...I decided to edge things out while in the Windy City, choosing a pair of snakeskin flats (from Savoir-Faire) and leather leggings from Forever 21 for the flight and first day. LOVED this outfit.

Exhibit D...this boy was in hog heaven at the Cubbies vs. Cards game on Friday afternoon. Go Cubs!!

Exhibit E...another pic of Ruby from aunt Stephanie on Saturday. Her eyebrows kill me!

Exhibit F...and a windy but blissful photo taken at the Adler Planetarium on Saturday. Love this man and our adventures together!

That's it! See the other pics tonight via the blog Facebook page, located here.

Coming up this week:
-The September Savoir Faire Moment of the Month
-Leather Leggings, How to Style 'Em - How to Get Over the Fear of Having a Ross Moment
-Outfit photos featuring two presh pieces from Maude Boutique
-Confessional Friday, baby!


  1. What a fun trip - I can't wait to hear more about it! A city guide of where you ate or recommend to visit would be so fun!

    We recently went to Chicago last fall, but are DYING to go again soon! Love the photos :)

  2. Glad you loved my hometown! I love living here and wouldn't move for anything. ;-)

  3. Umm I can't wait until you blog about leather leggings because I love them but I'm seriously afraid of a Ross-moment! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, RUBY! Those pictures are too much!

  5. I've always wanted to go to Chicago! Looks like a blast. And I say if I ever wanted to live in a smaller city I'd live there haha. Ruby is a cutie patootie

  6. I love Chicago too! Can't wait for the leather leggings post. That's my favorite episode of Friends!

  7. What an absolute precious puppy! Looks like Chicago was a good time

  8. i love chicago! Glad you had a great time! and that dog... soo cute!!!!

  9. I laughed out loud at the "Ross Moment". That may be my favorite FRIENDS episode ever!

  10. Love your cute airport outfit! You are too cute!


    I love Chicago, and I am glad you had a great time. I am however DYING LAUGHING at the Ross Moment. THAT is what prevents me from owning leather pants of any kind.


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