Fall...In All Its Glory

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Is there any better season than fall? In my opinion, definitely not. As a citizen of the South, I like to refer to fall as "the great relief". And what, pray tell, would this region possibly need relief from?

The 10,000 degree heat, of course.

(If there were an upside to such temps though, it would be that we can bake cookies on our sidewalks from June 'til August. Eh??)

So as a girl living in the Deep South (Farmer's Almanac classifies Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Tennessee as "Deep South", but I think y'all in the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida qualify too), I feel it's my duty to celebrate fall. And everything beautiful that comes with it.


I love a decorative, rustic-looking wreath for autumn. In my opinion, anything with pinecones and burlap is just dandy. And I believe that wreaths bring a certain warmth to the outside of the home. It says, "Come on in, y'all!" (Unless, of course, you're a cat or a solicitor.)

I'm all about this pretty little thing from Etsy. The chartreuse bow just makes it, doesn't it?

And this one is beautiful too. I love the addition of the little initial!


I think I've blogged about the wonderful candles from Bath & Body Works before, but in case you missed it...I love the Cider Lane and Leaves scented candles. They burn for several hours and the scent is just marvelous.


When it comes to fall cookin', it's all about soups and chili at the S household. We love a crockpot of chili while we watch football, and for rainy Mondays, well, you can't beat a bowl of broccoli cheddar bisque.

For our favorite chili recipe, go here.

For the broccoli cheddar soup that I've tried and love, click here.


I think throw pillows are such a fun, inexpensive way to change up the seasonal decor of a room. Since plum is one of the trendiest colors this fall (for both decor and clothing), I thought it was fit to find a perfectly royal looking pouf for the couch. Behold!

She's plush and oh-so-pretty! Pssst...and only $34!

And please. Can't we talk about the cuteness of this herringbone throw from Dillard's?


Oh my. If y'all knew how many scarves I owned, you'd think I was cray-cray. I love using them to change up an outfit on the fly. Ch-ch-check these out:

The Village People scarf from The Elle gets me so pumped for fall accessories!

And this Shimmering Leopard Scarf from Forever 21 is just as pretty in person as in the picture. I would know...stopped in during lunch yesterday : )


Are ya kidding? I can't sum up my thoughts and adoration for boots in one section. I'm doing an entire post next week, so please stay tuned. It's a good 'un!


Okay, I'm out until Monday! We are off to Chicago to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. There should be lots of wine, lots of photos and lots of ooshy-gooshy romantic nonsense. All my favorite things in life.

And don't think I won't be raiding H&M whilst there...psshaw! Stephen is dragging taking me to a Cubs game, so I think it's only fair that a shopping trip happen, right? ; )

Talk to you soon!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. If you like putting a wreath on the door for any and all special occasions or Holidays, you should check out my cousins site:


    Her name is Bridget. Just tell her what you want and she'll make it for you!

    Olivia @ Definitely a Gryffindor

  2. after growing up in Mississippi and moving to North Carolina, i do not put the Carolinas in with the South. it's just not the same .. but that's just my opinion ;)

    i am loving the herringbone throw from Dillards ! may have to order that !

  3. I live right by Wrigley Field- psst..there's an Anthropologie on Southport walking distance from the field :)

    Have fun!

    xo, Ann

    Glitter and Glaze

  4. This post makes me so happy for fall! I love that wreath from etsy and just might have to make it! xo

  5. Love everything about this post!! It's so you! Fall is my favorite season as well! Yay for Plum, scarves, and boots! :)

  6. Have you smelled the B&BW scent, "Mahogany Teakwood"? Oh. My. Heavens. Smells like the inside of Anthropologie. I'm stocking up for the "clean smell" I'm always craving after the holidays - their large candles are 2 for $20 this week!

  7. great post! i love everything! i have a pumpkin cupcake and a pumpkin caramel latte candle from B&BW, and they make the house smell delicious!

    have a great time in chicago! my hubby and i went last year before christmas and had so much fun! happy anniversary! {a couple days late} :)

  8. Have soooo much fun in Chicago!!

  9. I blogged all about BBW Candles today! I love them and I love that those hug 3 wick candles can last for more than one season! http://justtryingtobemartha.blogspot.com/

  10. I am seriously obsessed with fall. I love everything you mentioned and more. I'm definitely bookmarking that broccoli cheddar soup recipe too. I hope you have fun here in Chicago. I live here and love it :)

  11. i love this post!!! i am excited for fall too, especially because we also need a relief from the heat here in los angeles, haha. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  12. Love this weather. Although I miss FALL up in the North East - it's epic up there but gets freezing much faster. :)

    I found the best scented spray last night at Target. It's Glade Pumpkin Maple - I sprayed two shots in the living room and it smelled like I had been baking! AWESOME... minus the fact that I started to crave baked goods.

  13. i love love love fall season! for the very reasons that you mentioned!
    I was so happy to be able to wear my sweaters, scarves, and boots this past week!
    oh , and don't even get me started on how much i love "leaves" candle from bath and body! :p

  14. I love Bath & Body Works candles,too! I'm so ready for Christmas. My favorite candles are Firewood and Winter...Love them!



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