Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

Busy day tomorrow, so I'm publishing tonight instead. Y'all ready to confess? Let's get to it!

1) Not a confession, but wanted to let you know that I have hired a new executive assistant. He makes copies, operates the fax machine and brews a delightful cup of copy. He currently types 8 words per minute. And all without having opposable thumbs.


2) I enjoyed the Madonna half time performance immensely. Say what you will about Madge, but I think for 50-some-odd years old, the lady can still kill it. Still scratching my head as to what compelled MIA to flip the bird to the camera man, but hey, overall a great show.

3) I teased my hair to the point of almost no return yesterday. I was trying to copy a hair-do I'd seen on Pinterest. It looked so cute when I finished, but when I went to take it down and comb it out before bed, I literally couldn't run a brush through it. I had to wash and dry it this morning just to get the rat's nest out.

Hair poofing fail? Or maybe a success! After all, gale force winds couldn't have taken that thing down.

4) I bought a bra at Target this week and dare I say, I like it better than any Victoria's Secret brand I've ever worn. New favorite place to buy undergarments? Possibly.

5) Tomorrow night is the Walton College of Business Hall of Fame Banquet. I have a dress! Will reveal which one I wore on Monday ; ) Because I'm sure you're dying to know, haha

6) I'm a wee teensy bit miffed at Dr. Pepper's recent commercial for their new product, Dr. Pepper 10. Apparently it's "Not a Woman's Drink!". I ask you this Dr. Pepper, who do you think are the primary grocery-buyers for most households? Did you forget that women are the largest purchasers of diet soft drinks?

I would hardly brand myself as a feminist, but come on folks. This whole campaign was in poor taste, DP. (No pun intended.)


Finally, I was asked this week to model in the American Heart Associations Go Red for Women Fashion Show! I'm SO excited to be able to take part in such a cool event and for such an amazing cause.

And my outfit from Mason's that I'll be wearing? Adorbs! Can't wait to show y'all ; )

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I think Dr. P is marketing that product completely wrong! And any poof that cannot be brushed out is always a success in my book! Ha! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I loved Madonna's performance, too! I'm actually a little shocked at how controversial it was. I thought she was excellent!

  3. I haven't seen the Dr. Pepper commercial until now but boy do I think they made a big marketing mistake there! Yikes! Have a great weekend :)

  4. Did you know that the Gillian O'Malley brand of undergarments and pjs from Target is made by the same company that makes Victoria's Secret? A Target worker shared that little gem with me. ;)

  5. I enjoyed the Super Bowl half time show too...I could sing along to the songs and only hope that I could dance that well NOW in my 30s!

  6. I love my Target bras! So comfy and getting 3 for the price f 1 vs bra= major win!!

  7. Amen on the Dr. Pepper ad! I. just. don't. get. it.
    Is telling guys its not for woman really going to make them want it more? Just dumb.

  8. I totally agree about the DP ad! Everytime it comes on I rant to my husband. It is the worst ad ever- I buy the groceries and won't be buying ANY of their stuff (even though we don't do soda...whatever).

  9. Im with you 100% about dr. pepper! I don't drink it but if you say it's only for men imma come punch you out! Not cool at all!

    Hope friday isn't too busy! Happy happy weekend!


  10. I was not a fan of Madonna doing the half time show but about 3 seconds in I shut up real quick! She was awesome!! I love that you are loving Target bras! I feel like they have been my cute and fun lingerie secret for years :) Inexpensive and a tad more awesome than Victoria Secret!

  11. Totally agree on the whole MIA controversy - looked like she was trying to get some publicity, and she accomplished just that by being rude and vulgar! Madonna had a right to be mad as a hornet!!!

    And, yes, the bras at Target - just one more reason to love that store! Have you tried the thin strap sports bras? They come in super cute bright colors and are SOOO comfortable. A nice change, in both style and comfort, from the regular thick strapped ones!

  12. MIA's finger thing makes NO sense. Why ruin a great thing. I wasn't overly impressed by Madonna's performance maybe it was the song choices BUT I was impressed with her keeping up with all the young blood on the stage for sure!

    THANK YOU - Those DP 10 commercials really get under my skin. I know why they did it like that but still think it's dumb... why can't there be a strong chick in the commercial too?

    I buy all my bras at Target - I'm obsessed with the Gillian brand!


  13. OOh looking forward to seeing your outfit from the show! And what the heck, Dr. Pepper?! Boo. Not a fan.

    And now you make me want to buy a bra at Target! I actually need a new one; maybe I'll give it a go!

  14. such a mistake on dr. p's part.... seriously. what were they thinking?

    and soooo exciting about the fashion show!! take pictures to share with us, mmkay?! ;)

  15. So very fun! Love your list! I especially love the Target undergarment bit as I too have just recently had a similar experience and couldn't agree more! Target is now my go-to for undergarments! :)



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