Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

Hello, lovely ladies. Thank the good Lord it's finally Friday! This blonde, for one, is ready for the weekend. Let's get to confessin', shall we?

1. This week has officially kicked my tail. Thank goodness for Nutella and reality T.V. - my saving graces. Some may reach for hard alcohol or prescription sedatives when the going gets tough.

I prefer spreadable chocolate and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

And I have enjoyed each in excessive amounts.

2. I kind of wish it would snow. I mean, I'm not shooting for a blizzard here, (Lord knows I hate driving on ice). I would, however, enjoy a moderate dusting of snow to make me feel like we've had some semblance of a winter.

3. I am incapable of bringing myself to purchase Valentine's Day home decor. I decorate for darn near every season, but The Day of Love always seems to stifle my decorating creativity.

4. Even though temperatures are expected to hit frigid lows near 62 degrees this weekend, I plan to make chili.

5. I believe fattening, terrible food is the best only reason to celebrate Superbowl Sunday. I couldn't care less about the game, just give me a bucket of cheese dip the size of a swimming pool and a platter of chicken wings.

6. Yes, contrary to popular belief, we Southern ladies have been known to devour some greasy, game-day cuisine with the best of 'em. We just make sure to do it in our pearls and heels ; )

7. I'm incredibly stingy about sacrificing my one day of sleeping late of the week. I'm getting my hair highlighted and trimmed tomorrow, but remembered this morning that I booked the appointment for 9:00 a.m.

As in the morning.

On a Saturday.

I wish I knew why I was feeling like such a go-getter 8 weeks ago when I scheduled this.

Okay girls, let's hear it! What are your confessions of the week?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Sorry this week has kicked your booty but reality tv (for me it's Toddlers & Tiaras & Teen Mom 2) and Nutella are always good staples! :) Not linking this week for confessionals b/c I'm doing another link up! So sorry! :) & your number 6 is priceless! :) Have a great weekend Leslie!

  2. Saturdays are my sleep in day too so I get mad at myself when I schedule something early thinking I can handle it.

  3. Seriously, the food is the best part of the Super Bowl! I'm a football coach's wife, but we'd much rather watch college football than the pros, so I just hang out with the girls eating inordinate amounts of chips & dips instead :) Happy Friday!

  4. RHOBH and Nutella?! Two of my favorite things!!! Can't wait until the second installment of the reunion. You know Brandi is going to make it interesting!

  5. chicken wings in pearls and heels I HAVE to master this. I'm usually the girl eating chicken wings in boots and a jersey/game day tshirt. I have yet to do the "dressy gameday" I'm working on it. I've only been in the south for 7 years it takes time ;) hehe

    Enjoy your weekend! P.S. I wish it would snow too! :(

  6. You and Me both girl on the last 3!! I am not ashamed to put down some gameday food and a few beers with no guilt in site. And yes, pearls will be on ha!

    And, I too, have a hair appointment at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. So weird!! What were WE thinking??? AAAHHH

  7. These are so cute! I am totally with you about the snow!


  8. Oh RHOBH! My Fav! Can't wait for part 2 of the reunion show! Is it just me or is Camille the most normal one this season? I really like her wayyyyy more than last season!

    I always book apps on Saturday in the morning the end up regretting it too! Have a great weekend

  9. Oh girl...love me some Nutella! If Nutella can't fix it, you might as well just give up!



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