Introducing Jenna Logan

Hey girls! I wanted to introduce you to the newest sponsor of A Blonde Ambition, Jenna Logan! Jenna Logan is the newest and hottest place to rent, that's right rent, some of today's most trendy jewelry!

The Mission of Jenna Logan

The co-founders of Jenna Logan had one initial thought: 'How many jewelry boxes across America are filled with unworn, unloved jewelry? They know that every woman has had their eye on a special piece of jewelry to match a perfect outfit, but they don't always have the funds to own that special piece. Jenna Logan is the perfect solution for the jewelry lover.

Their goal is to let their members enjoy a fine piece of jewelry without having to make the huge financial commitment of buying it.

That is, unless you fall madly in love and can't let it go. That's right! All of Jenna Logan's jewelry is available for purchase at a discounted price, should you rent it and love it far too much to let it go.

How it Works

1. Choose from over hundreds and hundreds of the latest fine and fashion jewelry styles.
2. Rent the item of your choice and keep it as long as you want

3. No due dates

4. No late fees

5. Free Shipping and Free Returns

6. No initiation fees

7. No cancellation fees EVER!

It’s that simple! $14.99 for the first month, and $29.99 monthly membership after the first month provides you endless jewelry options. You can rent one style at a time for less than a dollar a day.

Click here to join Jenna Logan today and start experiencing the ease and convenience of renting fine jewelry!


  1. What a good good idea! I think I should try this.

  2. Looks like great jewelry - very trendy and modern!

  3. This is such a great idea! I so wish I was into jewelry because this is fabulous!


  4. such a neat idea...i was reading your 11 fun facts and it's not very often that you see someone with a middle name and spelled just like mine. paige, i also used it as my daughters middle name too:)

  5. I'm a new follower and so excited to read more! Your blog is too cute!


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