Locks as Vibrant as the Leaves: {Fall Hair Trends}

I'm definitely one of those people that likes to change things up dramatically with my hair each season. I mean, I've been blonde, golden blonde, ash blonde, baby blonde...long layers, no layers, face-framing layers...

Okay, so maybe I'm not the biggest risk-taker when it comes to my hurrrrr, but I don't think you really have to go crazy to play with change. Sometimes the subtle differences are just as fun, don't you think? Here are a few of my very favorite subtle hair trends for fall 2014. Maybe one of these will inspire you, too!


LOVE my new color by Suzannah! (Photo via Crown Beauty Bar.

Sombré, or subtle ombre, is a fun and soft way to play with color and dimension without the commitment of constant upkeep. In fact, it requires less upkeep than typical at-the-root highlights, which for busy ladies like ourselves, is a good thing. My hairstylist Suzannah did an ash blonde sombre effect on my hair last week that I'm loving! It's subtle, soft and will grow out nicely in the coming weeks.

Cutie Kirsten, owner of Riffraff, rocks her sombre by stylist Kelly. (Photo via Crown Beauty Bar)

Photo via Crown Beauty Bar

Photo via US Weekly

Want to know more about sombre so you can tell your stylist? This article from Elle sums it up nicely and provides some good examples.

Red Infusion

Photo via Crown Beauty Bar

Maybe you aren't ready to dye your whole head the color of a fire truck...understandable. Doesn't mean you can't infuse the fiery tones into your hair in a more subtle way. I've seen a lot of ladies heading to the salons for a little red injection and I think it's gorgeous. My favorite combo is the brunette + red highlights. Sexy.

A more vibrant option if you dare...I kind of love it!  (via Vogue from NYFW Fall 2014)

Via Entertainment Tonight


We kind of saw a more intense version of this back in the spring, but this fall's version of "bronde", (read: blondish-brown), is much more subtle. Best example? Beyonce. Her color is kind of amazing. But then again, so is she.

Photo via Harper's Bazaar

Photo via Crown Beauty Bar Instagram

Photo via Elle Magazine online

Any hair color techniques you've seen that you'll try this fall? Or maybe you already have?


  1. I have been wanting to get a balayage, so these pictures are helpful! I am sooo nervous about having "trendy" hair, since the trendiest thing that I have ever done with mine was get side bangs. Your hair looks amazing!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  2. I like the term "Sombré" !! That's kind of what I have accidentally going on now... for a while I was outside a ton in the beginning of summer (like, May/Juneish) so my hair got way lighter, but now it's since grown out about six inches more with a slightly darker blonde.

    I haven't heard of the sombré before this, but it's the perfect description! Thanks!

    x Jenna @ Maybe Lately

  3. I did the sombre in the spring/summer and am now rocking the bronde! I love it


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