Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

Friday's here and you know what that means: time to confess! Let's get to it.

1) I confess that I plan to enjoy as many pumpkin spice lattes as I can this fall, (okay maybe, like, one every couple weeks), despite that dumb infographic circulating on Facebook. Newsflash: I don't drink them for my health. But really, what kind of folks take enjoyment in crushing the spirits of the fall-beverage-loving Starbucks fans out there? The Debbie Downers of the world, that's who. (Probably don't believe in Santa either.) Starbucks, I'll take your artificially-flavored pumpkin awesomeness any day of the week.

2) I confess that each fall, I have the urge to purchase every scarf from here to Timbuktu. It's still hanging out the mid-70s here in Arkansas, but that doesn't mean this girl can't cart every single plaid, woven, cable-knit, leopard print and cashmere scarf or snood, this side of the Mississippi. This week, I'm enjoying (read: I bought) these:
Plaid Blanket Scarf from Heart and Home Collection

Thick Knit Snood from Zara in Light Grey

3) I confess that Stephen is sitting here with me while I write this and he wanted to provide a confession of his own. In his words:

I confess that I wore a pair of jeans to the airport (for a work trip to Minneapolis) this week and discovered, just before my connecting flight, that they had a glaringly obvious hole in the crotch. (Though clearly not obvious enough.) 

I would like to note that I did not wear them to my business meetings the next day, but instead a pair of Gap dress trousers, and that said jeans were only worn for comfort during my flight. (I would also like the ladies of this fine blogging establishment to know that I do, in fact, own "nice" jeans; jeans my wife picked out. But, they are too stiff and uncomfortable for long flights.) My most sincere apologies to anyone out there who may have witnessed my wardrobe malfunction in the Chicago O'Hare airport. 

How can I possibly follow that? Not even going to try.

Your turn.


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  1. Almost spit my coffee across the room...thank you Stephen!!!

  2. Hahaha, well played, Stephen, well played! Y'all are too cute!

  3. oh I hate that stupid infograph on the PSL! LOL @ Stephen's confession! best one I've seen so far today :)

    trish - my confessions

  4. The PSL thing confuses me. Did people really think their latte had real pumpkin in it before? Do those same people think that a hazelnut latte has real hazelnuts in it?

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. I'm dying over here! Stephen's confession was amazing lol. My husband is actually sitting here next to me too and I had to read it to him. You can let Stephen know that my husband can totally relate to, "stupid uncomfortable jeans that my wife makes me wear that are too tight and can barely even get my phone out of my pocket." Boys... ;) Happy Friday, girl!!

  6. Right?! I didn't think I was drinking a vegan shake, it's a sugar-filled cup of goodness. And I love it.

  7. Just catching up and Stephen almost made me spit my tea out!


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