Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

Hey, girls! Friday is upon us once again and I, for one, am not sad about that. Let's get to confessing.

1. I confess that...you need to snag one of these cool buttons for yourself to use on this weekly link-up! Just right click, save to your computer and embed on your blog's side navigation, (if you have a blog.) You can also use it as the opening photo for your weekly Confessional post, if you so desire. The more folks that join this link up, the better and more fun it will be.

2. I confess that Stephen and I are obsessed with The Knick, a brand new show on Cinemax about a New York hospital in 1900. (See a graphic, but awesome preview here.) I'd tell you more, but all you really need to know is that it stars the ever-so-lovely Clive Owen.

(See? Your interest in piqued, isn't it?)

3. I confess that there are few things that make my skin crawl quite like someone I barely know putting their hands allllllll over the baby bump. I know some women may be okay with this, but I do not fall into that category. The only thing more awkward is when they stand there and rub it, as if trying to coax a freaking' genie out of a bottle.

I also love when they will look at it, push around on it and say things like, "Come on little one, give me a kick!"

4. I confess that I'm also a super awkward hugger. Like, I never know whether to full-out hug, side hug or just stand there and fiddle with my hands??

5. I confess that we have lived in our home for six weeks now and have not ONE thing on the walls. Wedding pics, baby photos of Caroline, shelves that were previously on her nursery walls…nada. Zilch. My goal, which I stated out loud to my husband, was to have everything decorated to perfection by the time her party rolled around in October. 

Um, yeah. 

Apparently, I had also lost my ever loving mind when I made that statement. 

I should have specified which October. I’m thinking October 2018? That seems reasonable.

6. I confess that I made white chicken chili on Wednesday night and, between Stephen and me, we ate the entire Crockpot within two days. If you’re hankering for some comfort food during these cooler temps, here is my recipe.

7. I confess that I think I have more fun doing outfit posts when I have a bump. I've very much enjoyed dressing my maternity body this go'round! I'm really going to miss it after Ainsley makes her debut. (But I'm pretty darn excited to meet her!!)

8. I confess that I have completely taken advantage of the unbelievable sale that LOFT is having this weekend, (in store and online.) Get this...everything is 40%, including shoes, maternity...you get the picture. Additionally, you get TWO $25 cash cards for every $50 you spend. Yes, go ahead and process that info. It's no joke. 

I scored the following last night and I'm pumped to see it all arrive in my mail box:

Loft Ankle Strap Pumps - Regular $89.50, On Sale Now for $53.70

Loft Floral Romper (for after the baby, obviously)- Regular $79.50, On Sale Now for $47.70

Intense Burgundy Windowpane Sweater- Regular $79.50, On Sale Now for $47.70
(Style tip: pair with this utility blouse for a layered look or if you're pregnant to give the bump coverage- works amazingly well on a maternity body or on longer torsos because I tried it myself last night in store before I bought! Nice coverage over the booty, too, if you're like me and prefer to cover yours.)


Your turn. Annnnnnnd, GO. 


  1. People touching me would seriously piss me off if I were pregnant. What makes them think they have the right? I think you should start rubbing your hands all over their purse, car, etc. (depending on the setting) and see how they like that!

  2. I confess we painted our family room in the Spring and not one single picture is hung back up.
    I confess shopping for Fall is my favorite, but being out of work sick for the last 7 weeks puts a wrench in my budget!
    I confess I WILL be making your white chicken chili.
    I confess I might not be as nice as you if strangers touched my belly when I was pregnant and then tried to get my baby to move. Beyond creepy!!!

  3. ohh i need to go to LOFT this weekend! thanks for the tip. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. I have been eyeing that floral romper from Loft! So pretty!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  5. Loooove a great sale...I think I need to go check a few things out over there ;) Happy Friday!

  6. I cannot believe strangers actually touch your belly. You don't just do that to a person let alone someone you don't know. Mind you, I am way beyond having children but a couple of my co-workers have been pregnant in the past year. I did ask if I could feel the baby when they knew he was moving around, but that is as far as I would go. Blessings for the rest of your pregnancy.


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