A Blonde Wedding: {Our Photos - The Reception}

Good morning, Blonde Ambitioners! Today is Tuesday, which means you officially survived Monday. Today, we'll look at photos of our wedding reception. There were quite a few, so I'm dividing this into two.

Arrangements of hydrageas, lily of the valley, ronoculous and english garden roses...all in ivory : )

Bridal portrait upon entering the cake room....Yes, our cake had its own room, haha!

Springdale Country Club Grand Ballroom

Kissing balls made of hydrageas or english garden roses in ivory hung above the tables.

Our toasting flutes by Kate Spade

Stephen's groom's table was comprised of various Hog cupcakes, as well as a series of cheesecakes done by our favorite local restaurant. Coincidentally, the cake we served our guests was an exact replica of what we ate on our first date : )

A quiet kiss before making our grand entrance

First dance : ) Our first dance was to "To Make You Feel My Love" by Adele.

Ok...Many of you probably don't know that my husband is a GREAT dancer. Like, really, really good. Let's just say he broke it down on the dancefloor for the bridal party dance ; )

My husband is so shy, HA!

This dance ended with me "spanking" him in front of the entire room...the southern grandmas didn't know what to think, haha!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Incredibly gorgeous! And I must ask - did you use a particular teeth-whitening method? Your pearly whites look dazzling!

  2. Gorgeous photos :) Obsessed with the color scheme! And the grooms table is adorable!

  3. Everything is stunning! Absolutely beautiful! And it looks like everyone had such a great time!


  4. Looks like a blast! I love your white on white table linens...we are thinking of doing the same thing. It looks very wedding-ish to me! :)

  5. HAHAHA! That's funny about you spanking him! I would have loved to see those grandmother's faces right then!! You'll have to give us a video sometime of the hubby dancing!!

  6. What a beautiful reception!! Everything looks picture perfect.

  7. I love your toasting flutes! Gorgeous!

  8. You are so BEAUTIFUL and I love how happy you look!

  9. Wow, I love the cake - and I'm obsessed with the kissing balls, they remind me of Carrie Underwood's wedding!

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  10. I know I've said it before, but what a stunning bride you were!


  11. My fave pics so far and no these are not getting old. I think I'll be sad when you've showed us them all. Love the kissing boquet things and especially love your bridal portrait! GORGEOUSSSSSSSS!

  12. Love all the pictures! You guys look so happy and girl those flowers are awesome!

  13. To die for. I absolutely love every single detail of this...of course, I never expected anything less than perfect from you!!! First off--duh, the cake totally deserved its own room. That's just a given. And I loved the groom's cupcakes...Andrew will totally have to have some Hotty Toddy cupcakes, for sure. I can tell y'all had a blast...and as usual, you were absolutely stunning. The picture perfect bride! I'm so happy for you, sweet friend!

  14. You look gorgeous and what a classic looking cake! Thank you so much for sharing all of these and congratulations!!!

    Liesl :)

  15. Oh my gosh, these pictures are beautiful!! And, even more importantly, it looks like you guys had a blast!! Congrats!!


  16. Everything looks so beautiful!! I especially love the center pieces and your cake! Such a gorgeous wedding all around :)


  17. SO fun!!
    That fruit and veggie spread is AMMMMMAZING!! I am taking that as an idea for when the mister and I get married FOR SURE!!
    All the rest of the pics are amazing. Your wedding looked like such an amazing celebration of love :)

  18. Love the photos! I love your blog too!

  19. AWW!! I love your wedding photos!! :)
    You all had a very elegant wedding/reception!

    I am just now getting my wedding photos back, and slowly adding them to my blog/FB etc. I CAN'T GET OVER THEM!! I will probably have to break them up in a couple posts as well!

    It's just so cool to look back at your "fairy tale" day !!



  20. I am a total avid reader of your blog!!! I live in Australia with my super cute fiance and I literally hold my breath for new shots from your wedding each week! I am going to start a new blog soon... and will let you know what it is! :) Do you think you might like to do a blog about wedding planning? Your wedding was beautiful... I am planning a Hawaii wedding for September and would LOVE to get some advice from you!!! XOXO Julie

  21. You're dress is stunning! I love how the material is folded. Just beautiful! Those Hogs cupcakes are pretty awesome!

  22. The southern grandmas. Funny.

    So so beautiful, what weddings are supposed to look like


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