Pics from Maude Boutique Photo Shoot!

Hey girls! So this past Sunday I had the privilege of participating in a photo shoot for Maude Boutique, which featured a handful of Northwest Arkansas bloggers in the latest fall fashions! We had such a fun time getting all dolled up together and posing for pics.

The amazing Kelly Cooper did the group's hair and BOY was it gorge! She is so utterly talented and such a force in the NWA hair industry. She has a blog of her own now, so check it out and see more of her creations there.

Hair by Kelly Cooper

Our photog for the day was Maliah Pinkleton and she did a fantastic job capturing each of us. Every photo was so flattering and unique. You can see more on the Maude Boutique blog.

Without any further humming and hawwing (hawwing...it's a new word, m'kay?), take a look at the results from the photo shoot below!

Amazing Anna of Tulip Louise & beautiful Annye of Smith and Emma

Stunning Erin of Ashes of Laughter & adorable Jena of Smith and Emma

The Hottest Moms in NWA (seriously), Shannon & Gwen of NWA Motherlode

And then there was this one girl who talked real Southern-like and had big, blonde hair...

Such a neat experience that I'll never forget! Thanks again, Maude for letting us girls play dress-up!

*All photos are property of Maliah Pinkleton Photography and may not be re-used without seeking permission from the photographer. Be kind and give credit, y'all : )

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Wow!!! Those pictures are absolutely stunning!!! And how very fun that you guys had the opportunity to do that?! Awesome!
    I love how each and every picture turned out!
    You looked gorgeous Leslie!

  2. So pretty!!! That flowy green dress.. needs to find itself to my closet! - Sarah

  3. Oh my goodness. Simply stunning (all of you)!! Looks like such a fun photo shoot. The hair is to die for.

  4. you are so beautiful! pics look great!

  5. Your dress was beautiful! Looks like such a fun day!

  6. Pictures are awesome, and you look absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Wow you look absolutely gorgeous!! Love all the photos, how fun!! :)

  8. how gorgeous do you all loook?!?!

    and so funny, I feel like i just saw my fav celebs in real life( but ya know on the computer...haha) so neat to see bloggers that i adore doing somthing so awesome :)

    I hope you got that dress btw, so fab.

  9. These are awesome!!! So pretty!

  10. These are amazing pictures! It would be so awesome to get to participate in a photoshoot!

    And all the hair is gorgeous!! I love the "waterfall braid" (I think it's called)

    Hope you have a great day!



  11. That's awesome!! You look gorg and that dress is perfect :)

  12. When I was looking at the first picture and trying to figure out which one was you, I knew it had to be the one with the short red dress and high black heels. So Leslie! :)

  13. these pictures are absolutely gorgeous! love everyones styles :)

  14. Great pics. Looks like so much fun.

  15. these pictures are awesome! Everyone looks so gorgeous! I love your booties they are adorable with the fringe..and that location is so beautiful!

  16. Daaaaaang girl look at you! You are absolutely STUNNING! I know you had such a good time doing this...I just can't get over how gorgeous you are! Love love love!

  17. I am coveting your boots, LOVE! You all look amazing!

  18. I absolutely love the flowy green dress and the white lacy babydoll as well as the black dress with sheet lace on top. Gorgeous! And the hair for the the black dress with lace...wow. How did she do that? I absolutely love it!

  19. Amazing! I love the full body ones of you by a barn- and those shoes!!!! So gorgeous!


  20. Omg! You look gorgeous! I love allll the outfits and the shoes! What an amazing experience!

  21. Love the hair - gorgeous styles :)

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist


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