A Little of This, A Little of That

It's Monday! Grab a big Starbucks coffee and a sexy fur vest and let's rock this.

Welcome back from the Thanksgiving Day holiday! I hope y'all enjoyed yours as much as Stephen and I enjoyed ours. Our first hosting gig went really well and at the end of Thursday night, everyone had full tummies and were talking about next year. A success? YES!

I feel like we needed to just catch up today, so here are some items for thought today:

1. Nope, the Hogs didn't win against LSU, but BOY it was a fun game to watch! We are still just over the moon that we made it that far! Petrino has completely reformed the Razorbacks and seasons like this make us Hog fans pretty excited for the future of Arkansas football.

2. It was very cool of LSU to offer a moment of silence before the game for Garrett Uekman, #88, who passed away last week. Thanks for that, Tigers!

3. We put up our trees last night! I must admit, decorating a roomy house with tall ceilings is WAY more fun that decorating my teeny apartment last year : ) I'll be debuting all the pretty Yuletide decor later this week.

4. Mark your calendars, girls! I've gotten emails from a few of you asking that I make the Confessionals posts a link-up. So....this Friday, The Confessional will be a link-up. Like, with a button and everything. For those who haven't read one of the Confessional posts yet, some examples are here, here and here.

I'll post official rules later in the week, along with instructions for linking up, just in case you haven't ever done a link-up before. Exciting, no?!

5. My husband (also a certified personal trainer and nat'l account manager for a very large nutrition company) is designing a Jumpstart to the New Year exercise and eating plan for the two of us. Hopefully, it will help us keep the bad eating to a minimum and help us stay moving despite the busy holiday schedule. I'll post it here and we can do some sort of challenge or link-up if any of y'all think you might want to participate. Thoughts??

6. e.Style deals and regular styling session deals are still going on! Tell your significant other that you want to get Styled by Leslie for Christmas : )

7. Have a great day! No, really. Go out and tell Monday where to stick it. Good days can happen on Mondays. Make one happen today.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Well...I started out by going to the gym at 5:30am before work. I guess I'm off to a good start. Eeek! We need to get our tree this weekend.

  2. Mississippi State and Ole Miss had a moment of silence for the team too! I was so glad! :)

  3. I love the idea of you sharing the Jumpstart to the New Year plan. I'll sign up to go along!

    Can't wait to see your tree & decorations!

  4. Look at you full of such wonderful ideas!!

    - Congrats on your first hosting success! What a big task, but I bet you feel like such a legit grown-up?! ;)

    - Your tree looks gorgeous - can't wait to see the rest of your fabulous decor!

    - Would LOVE a healthy living link up! We all could use an extra dose of motivation for staying fit through the holidays!

  5. Congrats on the hosting success! And I would definitely participate in a healthy living link up! I need motivation!

  6. You hair looks fabulous in those pictures :) Love it!

  7. My gosh--you are SO GORGEOUS! So excited for your Confessional Link-Up...and sooooo ready for the Jumpstart to the New Year, I need a good kick in my pants! can't wait to see your Christmas decor, I'm sure it's to die for :)

  8. glad your thanksgiving went well! your tree looks gorgeous. i just got mine up this week, and im obsessed! i am working on wrapping the presents now.

    i would love to see what your hubs comes up with for your eating and exercise plan... im trying to get it right myself! kind of freaking out that im taking christmas card pictures this week!

  9. My boyfriend is becoming a certified personal trainer and he wants to eventually do something with nutrition! I think it's such a great field to be in:) Can't wait too see your decorations!

  10. Umm, YES on the Jumpstart Link Up- so fun!

  11. Well, I managed the Starbucks...


  12. You should know that I literally went to Starbucks after reading this at work. You're my best influence :)

  13. I decorated myself yesterday! And it does stink to decorate an apartment versus a house. It's so much less to play with and becomes xmas overload so quickly!

  14. Girl, I so need a jumpstart...I won't link up cause I don't have a blog but I need a kick in the pants. I was thinking of starting Herbalife but I'm interested in what company your husband works for? Just curious and most certainly I'd understand if you don't/can't share it. Just trying to figure out a plan that is not WW, Slim.Fast, Jenny C., or Medical WLC. Sigh...soo expensive! Can't wait to see more pics of your beautiful decor, ya'll are just too darn cute and look SO perfect together! Starbies in the morning for me! It's my every.Tuesday.early.morning.to.workritual! :O)

  15. Ok seriously-could you BE any cuter?! Do you ever have a bad hair/bad makeup day because I just can't imagine it!

    Oh-and I am SO looking forward to the exercise/eating plan via you and husband! (I work for a supplement company too and am ALWAYS looking for a good workout/eating plan - BTW!)

  16. Love your coffee and fur vest inspiration :) You look amazing in the photos! Sounds like a fabulous weekend. I can't wait to start decorating :)

    Laura xo

  17. Hooray for your first Christmas as a married couple ;)

  18. So glad Thanksgiving was a success! We put up our Christmas decorations over the weekend too!

    I will definitely be on the lookout for your Jumpstart plan - I'm trying to lose a few pounds before our wedding and would love to get some ideas!

    xo, elizabeth
    Life with Elizabeth

  19. umm your husband looks like gerard Butler.

    Your tree looks amazing and I must agree, I love having a house than an apartment to decorate!

    Glad your Thanksgiving went great! Now Christmas presents!!

    I would love to do the Link up!

  20. I love your confessional posts - I might have to link up :)

    And yes, I would love the workout/eating plan and info - awesome!!

  21. you're so beautiful!! and yes please share your exercise and eating plan! i need some motivation!

  22. your husband reminds me of a country singer. Random? Yes....i know : )


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